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Low Testosterone, Symptoms And Consequences

Testosterone is an essential male hormone since it plays a fundamental role in health and well-being. What happens when your levels are low? How can we detect it? Our expert sexologist in Delhi explains it to you.

Testosterone, produced in the testicles, defines male characters, such as the severity of the voice, hair, musculature or sexual capacity.   But, beyond these hallmarks, it intervenes in many other organic processes of man, such as:

  • Increase bone density.
  • It helps the liver produce enzymes and synthesize proteins.
  • Improves fat metabolism.
  • It improves memory and concentration.
  • It favors a good mood.

The decrease in testosterone levels

As when puberty arrives, testosterone levels soar, thus favoring the development of man; from the age of 30, their levels decrease by around 1% each year, being even more noticeable after the age of 50. This gradual decrease should not cause health problems since it is a natural aging process, but it will all depend on the amount of hormone that man has.

When testosterone levels are low, and these are associated with certain symptoms or diseases, we would talk about the appearance of testosterone deficit syndrome, which has among its main causes insufficient production of testosterone by the testicles, or the inactivation of testosterone circulating in the blood. It affects 10% of men at age 50, and 30% of men over 75 years.

low libido

In addition to it, a low level of testosterone may also be caused by:

  • An injury or infection in the testicles.
  • Oncological treatments
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Genetic disorders
  • Steroid use
  • Obesity
  • Hepatic or renal diseases.

Symptoms of low testosterone

Testosterone, as with estrogen in women, has a protective effect on men, balancing many of the body’s functions.

Symptoms of a low testosterone level include the following:

  • Decrease or lack of sexual desire.
  • Difficulty achieving an erection.
  • Increase of tiredness and fatigue.
  • Irritability, depression.
  • A decrease in muscle mass.
  • Loss of facial, body and pubic hair.
  • Increase in breast tissue.
  • Concentration or memory problems.
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Loss of bone density.
  • Cardiovascular disorders

These symptoms may be associated with the testosterone deficit syndrome, but it can also be caused by other causes or by a simple aging process. Therefore, before the appearance of any of them, it is necessary to consult a sex specialist in Delhi.

Treat low testosterone levels

Once the cause of the decrease in testosterone is confirmed, various treatments with hormonal supplementation that seek to correct this deficiency can be offered. Likewise, other lifestyle measures must be taken, such as controlling obesity through healthy eating, having a good rest and exercising moderately.

At Dr. P K Gupta’s Clinic, Dr. P K Gupta is a specialized sexologist doctor in Delhi who can help you. For any questions or request for an appointment, do not hesitate to contact us.


Male obesity and sexuality correlation

Male obesity and sexuality are at odds

Obesity can influence the sexual experience and sexual response of men for various reasons. “It involves a double problem: from the point of view of health and aesthetics. Obese men have some cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors that can affect their sexual relations. On the other hand, some obese people avoid sexual relations so that they do not see them naked with that physical aspect, “says Dr. P K Gupta, Sexologist in Delhi.

Going into detail, obesity, by itself, can cause erectile dysfunction. “The cause is endothelial disorders at the level of the corpora cavernosa of the penis, due to vascular and metabolic alterations (hypertension, cholesterol, and high triglycerides, etc.).”

Today we know very clearly that obesity is one of the main risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes. Moreover, “obesity is associated with insulin resistance and hypogonadism with decreased levels of testosterone that cause erectile dysfunction. This occurs both by hormonal mechanisms and by vascular damage due to the alteration of the secretion of substances that damage the blood vessels at the level of the penis, “says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

“With the decrease of hormones there is also a decrease in sexual desire, which, together with impotence, greatly affect the sexual life of patients,” says Dr. P K Gupta. On the influence of obesity on testosterone levels, “it has been proven that the increase in central body fat causes a decrease in this hormone by transforming androgens into estrogens by means of numerous enzymes that modify steroids,” explains the best sexologist in Delhi.

Recently, “there have also been described sexual dysfunctions associated with the syndrome known as obstructive sleep apnea, an alteration also frequently associated with overweight and obesity,” says Dr. P K Gupta.

In addition to these organic causes, “we must not ignore the psychological aspect of the loss of self-esteem because it does not conform to the aesthetic models required in the game of seduction and desire,” says sex specialist in Delhi. Therefore, inhibited sexual desire is frequent.

Impact on the couple

“There is no doubt that this dysfunctional scenario if it occurs, has an important influence on the couple. It can influence the desire before the loss of attractiveness. But also, and no less important, is the appearance of a certain contagion in the partner of his erotic partner’s anxiety, “says top sexologist in Delhi.

Dr. P K Gupta adds that “logically, all these aesthetic and health alterations have an impact on relationships with his partner.”

How can obese people improve their sexual health?

It is possible to improve sexual health if you are obese by means of the integral modification of the organic, psicosexuales and medicaments factors. This is what Dr. Gupta explains: “The organics, changing the nutritional style, distributing the meals in less quantity and shortening the time between them. It is also convenient to perform controlled physical activities and modify habits such as tobacco and alcohol. ”

As for psychosexual, the expert advises to promote sexual dialogue with the couple, as well as to increase self-esteem by working on alterations of the body schema.

Finally, in the drug aspect, it should be reviewed and modified, if possible, the use of drugs that inhibit the erectile response or that increase body weight with a treatment of sexual dysfunction associated with obesity.

For sexologist in Delhi, “the solution is as obvious as it is complex. Weight loss is one of the fundamental objectives, but sometimes it is so difficult that it forces us to resort to surgical solutions such as bariatric surgery, the intragastric balloon or the reduction of digestive tracts. ”

In the case of men with diabetes, Dr. Gupta insists that the most important thing is to lose weight, and, for this, nothing better than exercise and diet. The Look Ahead study (Action For Health in Diabetes), carried out in the United States for nine years in 5,145 patients with type 2 diabetes and excess weight, showed that weight loss reduces some erectile dysfunction. “Although the best thing is always that the damage is not produced because reversing it is more difficult than avoiding it,” concludes sex doctor in Delhi.


Delayed ejaculation: how does it affect fertility?

The delayed ejaculation occurs when a man takes a long time to ejaculate or is unable to achieve orgasm normally this disorder usually occurs during sex couple as masturbation does achieve ejaculation; as indicated by sexologist in Delhi Dr. P K Gupta. “The 85 percent of men with delayed ejaculation can reach orgasm with ease through masturbation, therefore, the problem manifests itself when there are couple relationships, causing feelings of frustration in both,” says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

In his experience, this physician specialized in clinical sexology perceives that the prevalence has increased, especially among the youngest, although he acknowledges that he does not know the causes of this trend. In general, Dr. P K Gupta points out that the majority of cases are due to psychological issues. But how to know if there is a delayed ejaculation or not? “The average time of penetration is four to ten minutes, considering 18 minutes something excessive and, once past the 30 minutes, and we speak of a disorder,” he says. However, Dr. P K Gupta stresses that the most important thing is not time but wanting to ejaculate and not be able to.

The problems to have children, the reason for consultation

Delayed ejaculation is a problem that men usually suffer in silence, in fact, sometimes do not go to consultation until they raise paternity. “There are couples who until now do not think about it because, as there is no sexual dysfunction, they maintain relationships reaching orgasm separately, ” says the best sexologist in Delhi.

At this point, Dr. P K Gupta, sexologist specializing in sexual and reproductive medicine, points out that by not being able to ejaculate on fertile days, the possibility of conception diminishes as well as generates couple conflicts. “If the delay in ejaculation is accompanied by the non-ejaculation or avoidance of the same, the seminal quality may be adversely affected,” he adds.

Causes and treatment of delayed ejaculation

The psychological factor plays a fundamental role, especially when fantasies or the intensity of masturbation do not conform to the reality experienced as a couple. Therefore, top sexologist in Delhi warns that most cases are due to psychological issues so the therapy is based on a behavioral strategy: “We must reconvert some erroneous sexual expectations to be consistent with the reality. In addition, the intervention is always in pairs because the other person often experiences feelings of guilt. ”

In this phase of treatment, you can opt for mindfulness so that man becomes aware of himself as he needs to learn to recognize touch and its relationship in the areas of pleasure. Another practice proposed by Dr. P K Gupta is masturbation with erotic toys that simulate the real environment of a vagina, all in the presence of the couple as an intermediate step.

On the other hand, Dr. Gupta explains that many patients with this problem exceed 50 years and, then, the origin of the problem may be associated with alterations in the prostate, late-onset hypogonadism (andropause) and neurological changes that affect fertility. However, the psychological component gains strength in the younger population, sometimes derived from moral prejudices or fears of unwanted pregnancies.

Beyond sexual therapy and if ejaculation is physically impossible, sex specialist in Delhi suggests evaluating the use of vibrostimulation to force it, although he recognizes that the most usual is to perform an epididymal aspirate or testicular biopsy to obtain sperm and proceed to in vitro fertilization.


STI Sexually Transmitted Infections

STI Sexually transmitted infections

STIs, also called Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) or venereal diseases, are infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites that are usually transmitted by having unprotected sex.


There are more than 20 types of STIs; some are:

  • Syphilis
  • Gonorrhea
  • Chlamydia
  • Herpes
  • Chancre
  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • HPV

HIV and Hepatitis B have no cure, but their effect can be reduced if they are detected and treated in a timely manner.

Forms of infection

Although they are called sexually transmitted, there are other ways to acquire STIs, namely:

  • Vaginal, oral or anal sex without condom use.
  • Contact of the genitals with infected skin
  • Contact with infected blood, semen or vaginal fluids
  • Share needles or syringes
  • Receive transfusions of contaminated blood
  • He has done piercings or tattoos with contaminated items
  • Dental or medical procedures, haircuts, manicures or pedicures with non-sterile instruments.


  • Burning when urinating
  • Suppuration in the male genitalia
  • Vaginal discharge with a different smell and color than usual
  • Low abdominal pain or in the testicles
  • Genital ulcers
  • The appearance of pimples, warts, blisters, inflammations or unusual changes in the genitals.

If you have any of these symptoms, you should consult a health professional.


The most common way to avoid a sexually transmitted infection is through the correct use of the condom.

Although many people stop using condoms only for ejaculation, it is recommended to use condoms for all types of genital contact of penetrative type (vaginal and anal sex) and also for the practice of oral sex, suggests sexologist in Delhi.


How Does Obesity Affects Sex

Obesity and sex in general, we all know that having several kilos or more, can be responsible for respiratory problems, heart or diabetes.

But how does obesity affect our sex? 

Currently, the issue of obesity is something worrisome, but it gets worse when it is also the cause that we cannot live with appropriate sex. That is, it has been shown that overweight is not only placed before our intimate relationships but also our sexual satisfaction.

Research indicates that people with obesity have 25 times more problems in sex than people within the range of a healthy weight.


Being overweight negatively affects many areas of our life, including sexuality. Also, in both men and women, it can happen that the production of testosterone, the hormone regulate our sexual appetite. Therefore, it is most likely that there is a decrease in our libido.

When we have obesity can incapacitate us when making certain positions in sex, making our sex life something routine or boring.

On the other hand, when men suffer from circulation or cardiac problem, blood flow is affected. In the same line, the appearance and maintenance of erections will be affected. In other words, they may suffer from erectile dysfunction. These circulation problems are also experienced by overweight women. Therefore, the blood flow to the clitoris may not reach, thus decreasing sexual pleasure.

In addition to this, being women we can generate polycystic ovaries. Or on the other side, being male, sperm much slower and of low quality. Therefore, if our idea of having sex is to seek pregnancy, our chances diminish.

No wonder that on a psychological level we may also be affected. Not only because on a physical level we can feel frustration, but also because our self-esteem can also be affected. That is, we may not feel safe with ourselves. Even the fear of being observed or rejected dominates us. Therefore we can get to experience dysmorphia.

Many couples who suffer from obesity get to completely avoid sex.


It has been shown that people who suffer from obesity and have achieved a healthier weight, improve sex with their partner. That is if you think that overweight is not letting you enjoy your intimate relationships, asking for help you can give a solution. The main thing is to make a physical diagnosis and work together with an endocrinologist and a sexologist in Delhi who can help you. For all this, if you think you are not enjoying your sexuality we advise you three things:

  • Start doing some exercise.
  • Make a balanced diet together with a specialist, to achieve a healthy weight.
  • Ask for help from the best sexologist in Delhi where we can work on our self-esteem in sex. In addition to other problems that may have arisen as sexual impotence or low sexual desire.
  • You can consult bariatric surgeon in Delhi to get rid of obesity.

You can count on sexologist doctor in Delhi whenever you need it, we are here to help you.


Premature Ejaculation: Causes & Treatments

Do I have an issue with quick discharge?

To what extent should sex last? There aren’t any rigid standards: the best answer is, the length of the couple included needs it to. A few couples may be extremely happy with, say, twenty minutes of sexual touching and stroking, trailed by intercourse that keeps going a few minutes; while others may appreciate having sex enduring ten, twenty, thirty minutes or more.

There most likely isn’t a man alive who doesn’t discharge quicker than he was hoping to, now and again. What we mean by “quick discharge” is an example of:

  • Earlier, in the middle of or extremely soon after the entrance, which happens at any half of the time, and which causes you or potentially your partner dissatisfaction and pain.
  • In the most serious cases, a man may discharge just by considering or planning for sex, before he or his partner has even touched his penis (while he is stripping, for instance).

Who is influenced?

Fast discharge is a standout among the most widely recognized sexual issues, influencing around four out of each ten men. The issue is seen regularly in:

  • More youthful men, with constrained sexual experience
  • Men who have as of late begun a sexual association with another partner
  • Men who have occasional sex.

Most men with this trouble have dependably had it, i.e. they have never possessed the capacity to pick up control over when they discharge once they are sexually stimulated; this is called essential quick discharge. In different cases, nonetheless, the trouble can grow further down the road, maybe following a very long time of agreeable working, either as a result of a difference in conditions, or some of the time as an early indication of the beginning of erectile dysfunction or other ailment; this is known as optional fast discharge.

What causes a quick discharge?

It is trusted that the associated elements would all be able to have a part in essential fast discharge:

  • Infrequent sexual movement
  • An absence of sexual learning, specifical the absence of familiarity with the impressions that go before the climax
  • Early sexual encounters that were surged, awkward and incorporated a dread of revelation, for instance, mystery masturbation in a room imparted to a sibling or rushed sex the back of a vehicle
  • Sexual blame or negative perspectives about sex may be caused by a prohibitive or strict religious childhood, or by being awkward with certain sexual dreams
  • Neurological issues which imply the excitement circuit isn’t completely in place
  • Low free testosterone levels.

The accompanying variables will probably be involved in auxiliary quick discharge:

  • Infrequent sexual action
  • Prior sexual encounters in which the man has felt a disappointment or been disgraced
  • If his accomplice has a sexual issue, for example, an absence of want, the man may adjust by figuring out how to “get it over with rapidly”
  • Thus, the beginning of erectile dysfunction can make a man utilize large amounts of imagination to endeavor to keep his erection, prompting overexcitement and discharge
  • Disease, for example, urological illnesses, prostatitis or diabetes mellitus
  • Withdrawal from ephedrine, trifluoperazine and sedative medications.

What impact does it have?

Quick discharge can cause a ton of hopelessness and strife in a relationship. At a passionate level, the man will regularly feel embarrassed, mortified and deficient, while his partner feels disappointed and infuriated – “this wouldn’t occur on the off chance that he simply invested more energy”. On the off chance that he detects his partner’s irritation – particularly on the off chance that it leads to mocking and hurtful comments – this will just serve to aggravate the issue much.

What are the treatment options?

According to Dr. P. K. Gupta, best sexologist in Delhi, treatment particular to the issue can be partitioned into two principal approaches:

  1. Activities that show you deliberate control of the ejaculatory procedure;
  2. Physical medicines that draw out the time it takes you to achieve climax, on the off chance that it isn’t workable for you to pick up ejaculatory control.

Learning Control

This program has three components:

  1. Stop/Start
  2. Squeeze strategy
  3. Control amid infiltration

Physical medicines

a) Desensitizing band

This is an extraordinary latex ring intended to be utilized on the penis amid manual incitement consistently for up to 30 minutes, to desensitize the penile tissue. It must not be utilized amid intercourse.

b) Pharmaceutical alternatives

Various stimulant medications make climax harder to reach, even at low measurements. These incorporate paroxetine, sertraline, and clomipramine which are alluded to as SSRI operators.

In the event that you utilize condoms, some now have a local numbing gel inside the condom to additionally postpone a discharge. One illustration is Durex Performa.

Dr. P K Gupta is one of the well-known sexologists in Delhi. He offers genuine and effective treatments for all sexual problem including erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi, premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi, penis enlargement treatment in Delhi, etc.