Myths and truths about sexuality
Myths and truths about sexuality

Myths and truths about sexuality

If we look at the past, today a great advance can be seen in terms of knowledge and acceptance of sexuality and everything that it encompasses, however, in certain cultures, there is still a great taboo around this subject. Here sexologist in Delhi presents some of the main myths and truths that surround sexuality:

1. “Pubic hair removal is personal hygiene”

Myth: Pubic hair has the function of protecting the genital area from external agents, as well as avoiding direct friction with the skin that can be irritating to this area. In fact, the practice of shaving usually causes cuts or injuries, which represents a greater risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections, so if you want to reduce the hair in the area, it is recommended to cut it.

2. “The penis can be fractured”

Truth: Although they occur very rarely, the so-called “fractures” of the penis or rupture of the corpora cavernosa are possible. These occur during an erection and can lead to long-term effects such as erectile dysfunction, curved penis and difficulty ejaculating.

3. “The clitoris is a small external bulge”

Myth: The clitoris has a greater extension than this external bulge, most of its size is inside the body, reaching up to 13 cm in length and can also be stimulated from its inner part.

4. “Vasectomy is a safe contraceptive method with no negative effects”

Truth: Vasectomy is performed as a minimally invasive outpatient procedure, with a low risk of complications and in most cases, it can be reversed. In addition to this, after a vasectomy, the man’s sexual function is not altered, maintaining his ability to achieve erection, ejaculation and orgasm.

5. “There is a relationship between the size of the penis and height, size of the hands or feet”

Myth: Multiple studies indicate that this is nothing more than a social belief. There is no proportion between the size of the male member and the size of his hands, feet or any other part of the body.

6. “Unwanted pregnancies happen because women do not take care of themselves responsibly”

Myth: The reality is that most contraceptive methods are not 100% effective. Also, not all people have access to these.

7. “Masturbation is a practice of the male sex”

Myth: This is a completely false myth. Masturbation can be practiced regardless of gender, allowing self-exploration of the body and knowledge of one’s own sexual pleasure.

8. “Ejaculation is a reflex that cannot be controlled”

Myth: The reality is that ejaculation control can be developed through self-knowledge and correct breathing management

9. “Masturbation generates a relaxation effect in the body”

Truth: When practicing masturbation and reaching orgasm, a series of substances are secreted in our nervous systems such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin, which are associated with the feeling of relaxation, happiness and pleasure.

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