Increasing libido, many people try in very different ways. Thousands of years ago, people started thinking about how to boost sexual desire a bit – for example, using herbal remedies that can increase the libido of a woman and a man. Today it has become a real billion-dollar business. Those looking for natural sexual enhancers as an alternative to viagra and Co., in order to increase libido, find the best low sex desire treatment in Delhi.

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low sex desire treatment in Delhi

But how is it that you have to increase the libido? What helps against sexual aversion in women? What is there for means to increase the libido as a man? What can a libido loss have for causes?

What is that exactly, the libido?

Let’s start from scratch: To understand why sexual discomfort comes with it and what you can do about it, it is important to know what exactly Libido means. The libido is another name for the sex drive, desire or pleasure. Actually, the sex drive is something quite natural, but in men, at least on average, a little faster than women.

Nevertheless, it may also interfere with the libido. In addition, the libido is always something very individual, personal. In one, it is more pronounced than the other, in the one phase of life is the libido may be bigger than in the next one.

For example, consider the time when the woman gave birth to a child. Then, according to experience, the libido takes a back seat for a while, which is quite natural and is not a cause for concern.

Nevertheless, it is a problem for a partnership if one of the participants feels a greater libido than the other. This imbalance is troubling both parts: one would like to have intercourse more often, while the other may feel harassed.

Even if both partners have almost no sexual desire on top of each other, this can be a burden – unless it does not bother both. But for many people, fulfilling sexuality is simply part of the partnership. Therefore, a partnership often involves the desire to increase libido.

What influences libido?

The libido is not just there, but it is a complex interaction between our hormones. Therefore, it quickly becomes clear that the libido is particularly pronounced, especially at a young age. Who is in puberty, is “hormone-controlled”, as a sexologist in Delhi says so beautiful and this statement is true.

Because then the sex hormones have reached their climax. The older we get, the more our libido decreases. This is normal and is because hormone production is gradually getting less.

In men, it is mainly the testosterone, which is responsible for the libido, in the woman provide testosterone and estrogens for a sufficient libido. Especially with women, menopause leads to a significantly lower production of hormones, which is why many complain about a lack of libido here.

In addition, the libido is even more pronounced in young couples, because everything is still new and exciting. Couples who have been living together for some time get used to sexuality and it sometimes becomes just “boring” or at least habit, and thus not as exciting as it used to be.

That’s why many want to boost their spirits and boost their libido – be it through natural home remedies, sexual enhancers or low sex desire treatment in Delhi.

low sex desire treatment in Delhi

If sexual desire is missing, what is the best low sex desire treatment in Delhi?

If the desire for sex or the partner does not want to adjust, this can have very different causes. Often, the psyche is simply behind it. When we are burdened with something, when we suffer from stress or depression, it is understandable that it affects our minds.

The desire then often simply falls by the wayside. Sexuality takes a back seat and when we get the chance, we can not relax and not switch off. But that is an important prerequisite for enjoyable sex to have.

Sometimes men fall victim to the pressure that weighs on them: they are always supposed to perform well in bed, which sometimes leads to the opposite. Even low self-esteem may be the reason that the libido is absent – the fear of failure here is unconsciously a real libido killer, explains the best sexologist in Delhi.

But sometimes there are also physical causes for a lack of libido. For example, overweight, too high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. Some medicines are also responsible for ensuring that the libido does not want to adjust. In any scenario which causes low libido, a person should consult a specialist for low sex desire treatment in Delhi as he can identify the root cause and suggest you treatment options that will benefit you.

What else can it be done for low sex desire treatment in Delhi?

If the libido is absent, this is often put on stress – which is obvious for the reasons already mentioned. But there could be other reasons for that: environmental toxins, for example.

After all, we humans today are confronted with more and more unhealthy chemicals, whether in food, in clothing or in our entire environment. These intervene in our hormone system and possibly cause damage there.

As an example, only a few plasticizers and pesticides are mentioned here that surround us everywhere. It has been found that these toxic substances in amphibians bring a strong feminization with it. In humans, they simply mess up the hormone balance.

The conclusion is obvious: healthy, fresh food that works without pesticides and ideally, you should buy and consume as few products as possible, which are packed in plastic wrap.

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