Libido Loss – How To Increase Libido

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The desire for sex – the libido – often makes itself inconspicuous from the dust. By the way, not only in older people. More and more often, younger people wonder about the whereabouts of their libido. However, before you resort to side effects pills, you could help your libido with naturopathic measures on the jumps. We introduce you to … Continue reading Libido Loss – How To Increase Libido

Low Testosterone, Symptoms And Consequences

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Testosterone is an essential male hormone since it plays a fundamental role in health and well-being. What happens when your levels are low? How can we detect it? Our expert sexologist in Delhi explains it to you. Testosterone, produced in the testicles, defines male characters, such as the severity of the voice, hair, musculature or sexual capacity.   But, beyond … Continue reading Low Testosterone, Symptoms And Consequences

Sexual Activation Disorders

sexual activation disorder

These disorders previously referred to as inhibited sexual activation are divided into: 1) Erectile dysfunction in men characterized by a recurring and persistent partial or complete inability to achieve or maintain an erection until sexual intercourse is completed; 2) Sexual activity disorder in women characterized by a recurring and persistent partial or complete inability to … Continue reading Sexual Activation Disorders

Obesity And Sex Life

obesity and sex life

The obesity morbid (BMI> 25) is currently considered a chronic disease, among other reasons for the significant risks involved associated with severe illness such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and some cancers. And in relation to sex life is no less. The loss of sexual desire is one of the most obvious consequences in both sexes since there is … Continue reading Obesity And Sex Life

Sex During Pregnancy

sex in pregnancy

One of the great myths is that the practice of sex during pregnancy can be dangerous for the baby and there are many women who completely eliminate sexual relations from the moment they confirm that they are pregnant. However, sex during pregnancy is only a risk in very specific cases: When there is a history of spontaneous abortion … Continue reading Sex During Pregnancy

Seminal Quality

Low Sperm Count Treatment in Delhi

In approximately half of the couples who attend sexologist clinic in Delhi because they do not achieve pregnancy, the problem of infertility is male and in most cases as a result of poor quality seminal. This is determined from several parameters: The volume of semen: it is normal to produce between 2 and 5 milliliters per … Continue reading Seminal Quality

Sex In The Elderly Couple – How To Enjoy It?

Sex in the elderly couple

Sex in the elderly There is no doubt that aging brings with it physiological changes that directly affect sexuality. The menopause and andropause entail a change in hormone levels including estrogen and testosterone, which could justify the decrease in sexual desire or frequency of sexual intercourse that occurs in the elderly. In the man: It reduces the … Continue reading Sex In The Elderly Couple – How To Enjoy It?

Improve Your Sperm Quality

Improve sperm quality with fruites

Sperm quality in older men is significantly worse than in young men. As you age, the body’s ability to protect itself from oxidative stress decreases and free radicals damage the genome (DNA) in the sperm cells. According to sexologist in Delhi, even older men can maintain their sperm quality or can recapture it – with … Continue reading Improve Your Sperm Quality

When erectile dysfunction affects young men

Erectile dysfunction affects young men

It is associated with older men, but what can those who suffer it in the ‘flower’ of their youth do? Erection problems in men are considered as an issue that concerns him exclusively affecting his good sexual performance and family life, however, male sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation could be overcome … Continue reading When erectile dysfunction affects young men

Masturbating More Can Be A Problem

Over Masturbation Treatment

Masturbation can become healthy. However, when it interferes with your life or even causes you physical problems, it stops being in the normal range. There is no magic number that establishes the exact number of masturbation that you must or can do. Masturbation is something healthy; However, masturbating more than the account can be a problem and even … Continue reading Masturbating More Can Be A Problem