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sex and immunity

How do pleasure and orgasms strengthen defenses?

Studies found that pleasure and orgasms strengthen defenses because they increase antibodies by up to 30%.

Sex is one of the most pleasurable activities that exist, and a new study found that in addition to making us feel good, pleasure and orgasms strengthen the defenses, naturally protecting against viruses and bacteria.

Learn why sex could be the best way to stay healthy.

Pleasure and orgasms strengthen defenses

The defenses, known in medicine as the immune system, form a complex network of cells, tissues, and organs that work as a team to defend ourselves against germs, viruses, and bacteria that cause disease.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, defenses help our bodies recognize “invaders” and keep them out of our bodies.

When we have weak defenses, we are more likely to develop the disease.

New research from the University-Barren, in the United States, found that those who had frequent sex have a much stronger immune system, compared to those who have fewer sexual encounters per week.

So instead of taking vitamin C, a better way to have a strong immune system is to have sex.

But why do pleasure and orgasms strengthen defenses?

The study found that people who had sex once or twice a week have up to 30% higher levels of immunoglobulin A, an important type of antibody that activates the immune system to attack viruses and bacteria.

The immunoglobulin A is the first line of defines of the body against u virus, so have a higher concentration of this helps prevent this contagious disease or at the least, lessen your symptoms.

Scientists believe that this very positive effect of sex comes from the exchange of fluids that bring different types of antigens, which make the immune system work and produce more immunoglobulin A.

But not only does it protect us from a simple cold, but pleasure and orgasms also help prevent the appearance of diseases such as prostate cancer or heart disease.

In this regard, the best sexologist in Delhi indicates that immunoglobulin levels rise during sex, which protects from infections and favors greater resistance to diseases.

How much sex do you have to get these benefits?

You do not need to act every day, as studies suggest having frequent sex (three times a week) is enough, it’s enough to have higher immunoglobulin levels.

Excessive sex is not recommended to strengthen defenses since the same research found that people who have sex more than three times a week, showed lower immunoglobulin levels than people who did not have sexual activity.

The pleasure and orgasms strengthen the defenses, but do not forget to protect yourself from STDs, so follow all recommendations of safe sex, i.e. use condoms in all relationships, urinating after sex and make constant checks.

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The Excitement

What is sexual arousal?

Arousal is when you feel sexual arousal (you are hot). When you feel arousal, your body has physical and emotional changes. For example, your penis or clitoris may become erect (hard), tender, and swollen, and your vulva or vagina may feel moist, as can the tip of your penis.

You can excite sexually encouraging you to mix yourself or with a partner. Also, when you have sexual fantasies or thoughts, or when you read, watch, or listen to erotic materials (such as porn). Arousal can also happen when you touch, or someone touches, some parts of your body that are very sensitive (also called erogenous zones). However, not all people feel sexually aroused when touched, says sexologist in Delhi.

When you feel excited, you may have many physical reactions, or you may not have any. Some of the changes you can have in your body when you feel arousal include:

  • your blood pressure, heart rate (heartbeat), breathing and temperature rise
  • your nipples, vaginal lips, and clitoris fill with blood and become more sensitive
  • your penis gets harder and stops (this is also called having an erection)
  • your vagina is lubricated (gets wet) and expands

What is sexual desire?

Your sexual desire (sometimes called “libido”) is when you feel like having sex, or when your mind or body gets excited when you think of doing something sexual, like masturbate, have sexual thoughts or fantasies, or have sex with a couple.

How do I know if my sexual desire is normal?

Sexual desire is different for all people. The number of times people feel like having sex is a very personal thing. There is no “normal” amount of sexual desire. Sexual desire and interest in sex are different for each person and can change over time.

Your sexual desire can change due to things like stress, taking certain medications, and other physical, emotional, and lifestyle factors. Some people feel like having sex every day or more than once a day. While other people almost never or never want to have sex. Also, some people need to have a strong emotional connection with someone to be interested in having sex (this is sometimes called demisexual). There are other people who do not need, or even do not want, to have an emotional connection with those who have sex. People who are not sexually attracted to anyone may identify as asexual.

If you have low sexual desire and this worries you or makes you feel bad, you may have something called hypoactive sexual desire disorder. There are many things you can do to help increase your sexual desire if you want.

What are erogenous zones?

Some parts of the body have many nerve endings (places where the nerves that run through our body end), which make you feel excited or sexually stimulated when you or someone touches them. Those are your erogenous zones. The most erogenous zones for most people are the genital areas: the vulva, clitoris, vaginal lips, vagina, anus, perineum, penis, scrotum, and prostate. Other common erogenous zones are the breasts and nipples, neck, lips, mouth, tongue, back, fingers and toes, hands, feet, ears, buttocks, and thighs. Usually the most sensitive is the penis and clitoris, which explains sexologist doctor in Delhi.

Any part of your body can be sexual because just as all people are different, erogenous zones are also different. What feels good for you, may not feel good for your partner, so to know what he likes, you can ask him!

What is the sexual response cycle?

The sexual response cycle is how your body reacts to sexual stimulation. This can happen with a partner, with yourself, or even while you sleep! You do not always go through all stages of the sexual response cycle; you may stop at any time.

The first stage is feeling desire or having thoughts that excite you sexually. This can make you aroused (hot), which is when your body prepares to have sex. Your heart rate (heartbeat) speeds up, your muscles tense, and blood flows to your genitals (penis or vagina).

The next is the plateau stage when you feel a lot of excitement and maintain that feeling by masturbating or having sex.

The plateau stage ends with an orgasm, when the tension you built up is released with various spasms or muscle contractions that feel great. Your body releases endorphins, that is, hormones that make you feel happy and relaxed.

The resolution stage occurs at the end of the sexual response cycle, whether or not you have had an orgasm. Resolution means that your body returns to the state it was in before it excited you.

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Do you have erection difficulties? Problem is heart disease alert

In addition to affecting a man’s self-esteem and mental health, erection problems can be an indicator that something is not right with his heart. According to sexologist in Delhi, individuals with erectile dysfunction are twice as likely to have heart problems.

What is the connection of the penis to the heart?

Erection is a vascular process and depends on the proper functioning of the heart. “For it to occur, there is the filling of small blood vessels that form the cavernous bodies of the penis”, explains cardiologist. Therefore, many factors associated with artery and heart problems can also cause sexual dysfunction.

Among the most common conditions that can both affect your erection and lead to cardiovascular disease are:

  • Hyperlipidemia (excess of fat particles in the blood);
  • Atherosclerosis (stiffening of the arteries due to the accumulation of plaques);
  • High blood pressure;
  • Diabetes;
  • Smoking.

In addition, problems such as high stress, anxiety, and depression can favor both problems.

Penis problems come before

Erectile dysfunction usually appears before heart problems. One explanation is that the arteries in the penis are thinner than those in the heart and, therefore, are affected first. “Studies show that erectile dysfunction can set in up to five years before a coronary artery problem,” says Sidney Glina, a urologist at Albert Einstein Hospital.

For the same reason, erectile dysfunction also indicates the risk of obstruction of other arteries in the body. “There may be an obstruction of the ones that irrigate the legs, causing peripheral arterial insufficiency”, warns best sexologist in Delih.

How to prevent  Maintaining good habits is essential to ensure that your heart and penis work at full throttle. The main recommendations to avoid these problems – and several other diseases – are:

  • Avoid overweight;
  • Do physical activity regularly;
  • Control blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose;
  • Have healthy eating habits;
  • Quitting addictions like smoking;
  • Moderate alcohol consumption;
  • Reduce stress.

“It is also very important that men allow themselves to be evaluated periodically (at least once a year) by a doctor they trust”, says cardiologist. This is because both the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction and that of cardiovascular disease can be made from periodic medical evaluations, even if there are still no symptoms.


Normally, sexologist doctor in Delhi deals with erectile dysfunction and cardiology deals with cardiovascular problems. But there must be an integration between professionals. “If the treatments are not done together, when trying to solve one problem, you can further complicate the other,” warns sex specialist in Delhi.

In order not to put your heart at risk, identifying the cause of erectile dysfunction is very important. “There are very specific tests that seek to identify the type and degree of impairment, which are also used to assess the response to the type of medication that can be used,” says sexologist in Delhi.

Even if the problems of erectile dysfunction are controlled, the man cannot help looking for a cardiologist. “The risk factors may continue to exist. Solving one problem does not mean that the other will not occur,” says sexologist in Delhi.

Care in treatment

When there are both cardiovascular problems and sexual dysfunction, the risks, and benefits of each medication are evaluated with special attention. And, if there are a need and possibility, medications that have more interaction are exchanged.

“Some erection pills (type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors), which are the most used treatment for erectile dysfunction, are contraindicated for use in conjunction with nitrate-based drugs,” explains sexologist in Delhi.

That’s because nitrate-based cardiac medications are potent vasodilators and when added to the dilating effects of the erection pills can cause hypotension (drop in pressure), leading to low blood flow to the heart and brain – and causing fainting, malaise.

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What to do when you no longer feel in tune with your libido?

It is well known, desire, it goes, it comes … Because there are evenings when our libido is not there. Between everyday life, family life, work, and responsibilities, once in bed, the biggest desire that lives in us is generally that of sleeping. Sex would be the cement of the couple. But what about men and women who no longer have libido? Or too much? 

Conversely, for others, it is their excessive sexual appetite that is a problem. Without speaking of sexual dependence, these lovers of desire have a very active libido, difficult to assume in a life of couple well installed. 

Whether it is a loss of desire or, on the contrary, an excessive sexual desire, being in tune with your libido again is rarely obvious.

Sexual desire: how to save your libido? 

Some claim that infidelity is an effective solution to boost your libido and boost your sexual desire. Or at least jealousy. Indeed, some women, who no longer felt any sexual desire for their companion, saw overnight their desire to increase tenfold for their man, just because he was being hit on by another woman. Likewise, women who thought they had lost all of their libidos suddenly feel like they are growing wings with their lover, for whom sexual desire is widely available. Because often, it is the problems in the couple that are the cause of the loss of libido.

Couple therapy or a sex specialist in Delhi can then help the couple solve their sexual problems. If the problem is only superficial, the use of aphrodisiacs, sex toys, or the introduction of new sexual practices is sometimes enough to revive sexual desire.

All equal in the face of desire

But it also happens that the loss of libido can only be explained by personal problems, linked to the person’s past or present. Trauma, stress, or even fatigue, the loss of sexual desire must then be understood to be resolved. Psychotherapy can then be considered by the person concerned. 

Other people claim to have never felt a real sexual desire. Qualified as asexual, they do not plan to remain single and seek romantic relationships without sexuality. For them, it is not a sexual disorder but a sexual orientation, just like heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality. Of dating sites specialize in asexuality have also emerged in recent years.

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Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexological problems in the general population. This condition affects various age groups and does not always lead to a health problem. It is estimated that 30% of the male population suffers from chronic premature ejaculation. One of the most common doubts among men is the existence of an effective premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi. In this post, we explain what this ejaculation disorder consists of and how to deal with it.

When is a man considered to have premature ejaculation?

As its name suggests, premature ejaculation is nothing more than experiencing orgasm and ejaculation earlier than unintended and desired by the male. This means that it can occur as soon as sexual intercourse begins.

Generally speaking, premature ejaculation can happen to any man at any time in his life. In fact, according to statistics, 1 in 3 men has ever experienced this situation. Does this mean that all men have premature ejaculation as a sexological problem? Not.

Although premature ejaculation can happen to any male, it is not considered a sexual problem. Premature ejaculation is considered a problem when it happens regularly, that is, very often. Ejaculation is considered premature when it occurs before the period of one minute from the beginning of sexual intercourse.  

Treatment of premature ejaculation

If you consider that you have symptoms of premature ejaculation and want to diagnose it properly and treat it to solve your problem, you should go to a sex specialist in Delhi. The sexologist in Delhi is the right person to determine if you really have premature ejaculation and, above all, to find the cause that causes it.

The premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi can be very different depending on the cause of the problem. This alteration of male ejaculation can be generated by various causes, among which are:

  • Psychological causes that refer to feelings and emotions that prevent the patient from maintaining a complete and satisfactory sexual relationship. In this area, self-esteem, guilt, and situations of anxiety and stress often play a fundamental role. Regarding these causes, treatment to solve premature ejaculation should be associated with a visit to a sexologist in Delhi. This specialist will help the patient to solve her problem to enjoy her intimate life normally.
  • Physiological causes. These types of causes are those that are really considered medical, that is, they are organic causes. In other words, they are health problems that affect male ejaculation. The organic causes are many and varied such as:
    • Chronic prostatitis.
    • The administration of certain drugs.
    • Neurological diseases.
    • Thyroid problems.

However, despite the fact that organic causes have a specific diagnosis and treatment, the truth is that they are usually treated in a complementary way with psychological treatment. In this case, it is about going to the best sexologist in Delhi to help in the treatment. This is because premature ejaculation is a problem that greatly affects the self-esteem of patients and, therefore, their mood and their life in general.

For this reason, it is important that premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi is comprehensive to achieve a definitive solution. At sexologist clinic in Delhi, we have an interdisciplinary team that can help you if premature ejaculation is your problem. We have the best sexologist in Delhi. If you need it, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you improve your sex life.

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Sex is health. 7 medical facts that are worth knowing

Sex brings only health benefits, of course when observing hygiene rules and taking care of safety during intercourse. Here are 7 scientifically proven health benefits of sex explained by sexologist in Delhi.

1. Sex strengthens immunity

Thanks to regular sex, immunity to infections increases. The body then produces immunoglobulins that strengthen the body. Hence, people enjoying a successful erotic life are less likely to have a cold or flu. Just have sex two or three times a week.

2. Sex calms down

After a hard and stressful day, a bit of pleasure in the form of sex may be the best medicine. Endorphins are produced during sexual intercourse, which improves well-being and reduces stress. The most important moment in achieving relief is the moment before and immediately after orgasm when the body relaxes. A successful relationship calms you down and helps you fall asleep better.

3. Sex is an analgesic

Endorphins produced during intercourse also have analgesic effects. They are accompanied by another pain-fighting hormone – oxytocin, which is produced by women during labor, among others. That is why sex is effective for a headache, which serves as a proverbial excuse.

4. Sex strengthens the heart

Thanks to physical exertion, the heart works faster and more efficiently, pumping more blood. It’s a great workout for the heart. Regular sex management can cope with hypertension, and in the future can significantly reduce the risk of a heart attack. More oxygen also reaches the body, thanks to which blood circulates faster and the body is oxygenated.

5. Sex instead of sport

It has been proven that during sex you can burn almost as many calories as during regular running or training. This is great news for people who don’t like sweating at the gym. Sex strengthens the muscles of the thighs, buttocks, calves, arms and stomach. A healthy effort during sex will keep your body in good shape.

6. Sex slims and massages

Since having sex can be compared to training in the gym, how easy to guess, also has a beneficial effect on our appearance. We lose unnecessary calories during intercourse. Half an hour of pleasure is almost 100 calories burned. And the more often we have sex, the more calories we burn because the body gets used to regular exercise. In addition, sex is great … massage. It affects almost all muscles, tightening and relaxing them. 

7. Sex extends life

As a result, sex extends life by up to several years! Regular sex is conducive to burning calories and maintaining good condition, strengthens the heart, improves mood, increases the feeling of closeness with a partner. All this has an impact on improving the quality of life. In addition, scientists have proven that during sex, a longevity hormone called DHEA is produced.

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What consequences does depression have on sexuality?

Depression is believed to promote many problems related to desire, libido and couple relationships. Conversely, sexual dysfunctions could lead to a depressive state. So why, how and what to do? Answers from a sexologist in Delhi.

Almost one in five people have suffered or will suffer from depression in their lifetime (source 1). A frequent pathology which also greatly affects sexuality. This is confirmed by the best sexologist in Delhi: “Depressive states induce a decrease in libido, excitement, frequency of intercourse, even anorgasmia or even anejaculation. Inevitably, all of this also has implications for the couple. How to manage these complex relationships between sex and depression

Does depression have an impact on libido and why?

First, there are several types of depression: chronic, acute, that which we will call “normal” or “reactive”, for example in the event of mourning, separation, etc. For each of them, there are still several states. But in any case, these are times when the mood is affected and therefore necessarily the libido is affected.

Sexuality is neglected because psychic life is focused on something else. To have a sex life, there must be an entanglement of the life drive and the death drive. However, in the case of depression, death drives generally dominate.

In addition, in addition to their pathology, some people suffer from the effects of their treatment, since antidepressants are well known for inhibiting libido.

Why do antidepressants inhibit libido?

These drugs are intended to stabilize the mood, they act on the neurotransmitters which control the latter (dopamine, serotonin). Assuming that there is a libido peak, it will, therefore, be limited, regulated by the treatment. It is therefore also for this reason that sexual relations drop in case of drug treatment.

Why limit desire?

To avoid suicides: if I don’t climb too high, I don’t fall too low either. It is a story of balance.

According to sexologist in Delhi, if it seems that treatments that do not alter sexuality are about to tip the tip of the capsule, some others could cause spontaneous orgasms, even trigger hypersexuality.

On the contrary, can we be more focused on the question?

Yes. Even if it is rarer, it can happen to have compulsive behaviours with sexuality. That is to say that in order not to fall into depression, one increases sexual relations (alone or in pairs). The objective is to make “shots” of serotonin through the enjoyment, in order to compensate for a latent depressive state.

Can sexual disorders cause or worsen depression?

Having sexual problems can also affect mood, as it will attack self-esteem and create doubt. Idem when, in a couple, the communication does not pass any more or that one speaks little. These successive disappointments can lead to something like depression. But again, it is rarer in this sense.

What to do to regain the desire? Which drugs to take?

Before seeing a doctor and taking medication, you must make an appointment with a sexologist in Delhi, in order to start sex therapy. Verbalizing your problem with someone neutral is the first step towards healing.

Sexologist in Delhi also suggests associating practices around the body: physical activity, massage, etc. Finding activities to discover or rediscover a pleasure is often a good option.

What to do when you live with a depressed person?

Support the spouse in their care, even if it means doing couple therapy in the first place. Regarding sexuality, it is about going through tender tactile moments that are not necessarily sexual, in order to help his partner to reconnect to his bodily pleasure, to let desire re-emerge in the body. Finally, it takes … patience. It’s a moment to pass in a lifetime.

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Potency diet – what to eat to strengthen your erection?

A man’s potency diet should be rich in ingredients conducive to maintaining sexual performance, including healthy fats, zinc, selenium, and vitamin D. They affect the level of testosterone in the body, which in turn is responsible for sexual desire and … the level of attractiveness. See the advice of dietitian Mikołaj Choroszyński who suggests which products should be in the diet for potency.

Diet has a great impact on potency and the ability to maintain an erection, but few men are aware of this. It is partly the fault of modern times, which is not conducive to being a man in the full meaning of the word. The pace of life, environmental pollution, junk diet, low physical activity contribute to the occurrence of many disorders. Some of them lead to the development of dangerous civilization diseases, while almost all affect mental and physical health. These are by no means optimal conditions to maintain a high level of typically male characteristics, such as sexual performance.

In the article, sexologist in Delhi explains the factors that reduce potency and improve it. You will also learn what ingredients should appear on your menu regularly to maintain sexual function for longer. The article is mainly addressed to men aged 19 to 59, although everyone is able to get something out of it for themselves.

What is sexual potency?

Lust makes a man very bold, but love is always accompanied by intimidation – a French proverb.

According to various statistics, the lack of libido can affect up to 15% of men, and these rates are increasing from year to year. Such people do not feel full satisfaction from sex life. This often leads to the development of depressed mood or even depression. However, looking from the other side, the very occurrence of depression negatively affects the potency in 70% of men! So the environment is extremely unfavorable but does it mean that we can do nothing about it?

Well no! There are solutions that help improve men’s potency. But first, let’s explain how we understand potency?

Sexual potency in sexology means the ability of the (body) to react, measured by the frequency of sexual responses per unit of time (day, week, month, year). That is the man’s ability to have sexual intercourse.

Potency diet

The necessary ingredients in the diet for potency are:

  • EFAs, i.e. essential fatty acids

Sometimes called Vitamin T because of its extensive properties. EFAs include omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids. They show an anti-inflammatory effect.

It is important to maintain an appropriate O3 to O6 ratio of no more than 1:5. To achieve this, fish and seafood, nuts and seeds should be included in the diet . Especially chia seeds, hemp, or linseed. Walnuts are best for nuts.

  • ZINC

A deficiency diet in zinc contributes to a decrease in libido. Supplementing this ingredient is associated with an increase in testosterone levels. However, this effect is only noticeable if the deficiencies are supplemented. According to studies in people with normal levels of zinc, additional supplementation did not give any benefits.

It is worth mentioning that many natural aphrodisiacs are products naturally rich in zinc. These include: oysters, seafood, sea fish, nuts and stones (especially pumpkin seeds ), whole grains.


The potency diet should contain selenium. It’s a powerful antioxidant that increases the body’s resistance. In addition, it supports the binding and removal of heavy metals from the body. Over half of the body’s selenium content is in … the testicles! Marine offal and products: crustaceans and fish are particularly rich in selenium. In addition, garlic, mushrooms, or legume seeds should be included in the diet.


Vitamin D is called the vitamin of the sun. It is directly responsible for the level of testosterone in the blood. It is partly synthesized by the skin under the influence of UV sun rays. However, in our latitude, it is worth supplementing this vitamin with products such as country eggs, fatty fish of the type salmon, herring, mackerel. Include a few small portions of fish a week as an addition to a salad or sandwich, so that your potency improves naturally. However, from September, it is worth supplementing vitamin D3 throughout the entire autumn-winter period.


A potency diet should also contain glycine and proline. These are two amino acids found in large quantities in connective tissues. They affect the balance of neurotransmission in the brain, which will translate into more efficient sleep, which is a key element in the context of sexual performance.

So don’t forget about jellies, legs, and gelatin in your daily menu. They show anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. They affect collagen synthesis, and the body regenerates faster thanks to it.

  • choline

Several brain neurotransmitters are responsible for a cerebral drive. Acetylcholine plays a key role here. Its high level in the brain and the nervous system ensures an adequate supply of choline, its best sources are egg yolks, liver, and germs of wheat.

  • inositol

This substance is sometimes referred to as vitamin B8. It is estimated that 100 g of sperm contains 53 mg of inositol. Inositol is abundant in lecithin, so an extra portion of lecithin-rich foods like egg yolks, liver, beans, sunflower seeds, nuts, and green vegetables will definitely increase potency.

  • thyroxine

This is an important hormone secreted by the thyroid gland. He is responsible, among others, for vitality and sexual performance. To properly produce thyroxine, you need choline, iodine, protein and B, C, and E vitamins. To provide all these ingredients, it’s best to compose a valuable meal, e.g. a salmon salad served with wholemeal bread.


What else improves potency?

Not only diet is crucial to the quality of your sex life. To increase potency, also take care of :

  • Dream

It is recommended to sleep 7-8 hours a day. Sleep is one of the most important factors affecting sexual performance. During sleep at certain times during the day, secretion (secretion) reactions of important hormones occur in the body. Diurnal sleep disturbance will contribute to a decrease in testosterone levels. Sleeping is also associated with reduced well-being and a greater desire for unhealthy snacks.

  • Correct body weight

Adipose tissue is a strong endocrine organ. This means that it itself affects the hormonal level of the body. As you probably guessed, excess works extremely badly. To take care of the right level of male sex hormones, it is worth getting rid of extra kilos. Studies show that reducing excess weight contributes to increasing testosterone levels by up to 50%!

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Erotic fantasies are normal – don’t be ashamed of them!

Erotic fantasies are not a shame. In dreams, you can imagine sex with who you want, where you want, and what you want. Sexual fantasies are a reflection of intimate sexual desires and needs. Is it worth talking about your fantasies? When do erotic fantasies become a problem?

Erotic fantasies are a normal sign of brain work, just like sex drive is normal. Sex on the beach, caresses a handsome man from work, a kiss with a person of the same sex, participation in a “triangle” or orgy … in everyone’s thoughts or dreams. You can’t escape such sexual fantasies. So let’s accept them and realize that they say a lot about our mental condition, sexual needs, as well as about our love relationships.

Erotic fantasies – sexual desires and needs

Erotic fantasies reflect our personality. It is believed that extroverted, brave people have spicy dreams, unlike calm, secretive people. But not always. Sometimes, seemingly silent mice dream about breaking taboos, e.g. sex in a public place with a stranger.

Erotic dreams are a reflection of our life, not just sex. They should not be interpreted literally. We usually fantasize because of temporary or prolonged dissatisfaction, loneliness, to diversify our sex life, for a change, for pleasure. Therefore, no, even the most shocking fantasy can not be evil (unless it turns into an obsession, but more on that later).

Erotic fantasies – what do they tell us?

Thanks to fantasies, we can analyze our emotions, find out what we lack in life – delicate caresses, domination, risk, or fun – and try to fulfill our own desires. This is a good way, for example, for long-term couples who need new stimuli to keep their relationship exciting, says sexologist in Delhi.

If you feel like kissing your husband’s friend or you dream of dragging him to the bathroom and force him to have sex there, it can be a signal that you want to change something in your love habits. So instead of going to bed again, offer sex in the bathtub or on the floor in the living room.


If we do not stop thinking about someone, we are unable to focus on our duties, and fantasizing ceases to be pleasant and only the realization of dreams would bring relief, it begins to be dangerous. It is worth finding the reason. To wonder whether it is simply a signal of sexual dissatisfaction or something in our relationship is not playing, and therefore the object of fantasy seems ideal. If the same (specific) image is repeated many times or returns from time to time, it can turn into an obsession that requires treatment. It can also lead to betrayal.

It happens that fantasies intensify. For example, in a man’s mind, a blindfolded woman turns into a woman in handcuffs, and sex with her gets more and more violent, with beating and choking, until finally rape occurs. A person constantly making such dreams can no longer get excited in a different way and eventually begins to strive to achieve them. Then she should turn to a sex specialist in Delhi and undergo treatment. This can mean serious disorders not only in the sexual sphere.

testicles care

How a man should take care of his testicles

Not only your fertility but also your potency depends on how you treat your testicles. In the testes, both sperm and male hormones are produced, including testosterone. It’s good to know what is bad for the testicles and how to care for them.

The testicles largely determine the man’s sexual condition and reproductive capabilities. It is in the testicles that sperm and male hormones are produced, including testosterone. That is why it is so important to properly care for the testicles – avoid overheating, do not expose to pressure, and also support their functioning through a healthy diet and sport. Not caring for testicular health can have a negative impact not only on their reproductive function but also causes problems with sex.

What harms the testicles?

First of all, you should remember that testicles do not like hot. They function best at a temperature of about 4 ° C lower than body temperature. For this reason, it is inadvisable to wear tight boxers and pants that tightly adhere to the body and cause excessive pressure and overheating.

The sedentary lifestyle also damages the testicles. If you sit for several hours a day, take regular breaks to stretch your legs. Also, avoid keeping your laptop on your lap because hot equipment increases the temperature of the perineum.

Other factors negatively affecting the condition of the testicles are soaking in hot water for many hours, heat, and overheated rooms. Diet and stimulants are also very important – alcohol, cigarettes, and junk food have a very bad effect on the testicles. You must consume foods rich in zincseleniumvitamin CE, and folic acid. All these components are responsible for the proper structure and motility of spermatozoa, and also determine the optimal level of testosterone in the body.

Testicles – beneficial cool baths

There are several ways to reduce the negative effects of a possible testicular overheating. An old but effective method is to soak them twice a day (morning and evening) for a few minutes in cool water. This method of natural medicine is recommended especially to professional drivers (e.g. truckers). This can be done in a bowl, but also in a bathtub or shower.

During daily bathing, it is also worth using alternating cold and warm streams of water directed at the genitals. But beware, they can’t be either icy or hot!

Testicles – regular tests

Also, don’t forget to regularly test your testicles. They should be done at least once a month, preferably after a bath or shower. How to carry them out?

Lift the member with one hand, grasp the testicle between your thumb and other fingers with the other. Carefully roll your fingers over the testicle surface to check for any disturbing lumps (except for the vas deferens located in the upper back of the testicles, which may appear slightly harder than the rest of the skin under your fingers). Also, pay attention to whether the shape or size of the testicles has changed. If you see any questionable change, see a sexologist in Delhi.

Testicles – exercises to improve testicles

Here are simple exercises that will stimulate the testicles to work more efficiently: 

In the supine position:

  • run your fingers quickly on the inside of your thigh, both, up and down, about 10 times
  • gently pull the testicle skin about 5 times
  • put your hands under the testicles and gently toss them as if you were playing with a ball

In standing position:

  • spread your legs the width of your hips and make a few bends sideways to the right and left legs
  • massage around the navel, one way, one way, about 10 times
  • perform about 10 jumps on slightly bent legs
Make it a must
  • Do sports – it doesn’t have to be competitive, it’s important that you find at least half an hour every day to move.
  • Wear loose, airy clothing, especially in warm seasons (this also applies to underwear).
  • Bite pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds because they contain a lot of zinc that improves testicular hormone management.
  • Stop smoking, which kills male hormones.
  • Give up the sauna and hot baths.

Reception massage will improve testicular function

There are many points on your body (do not confuse them with erogenous zones), which, when properly stimulated by touch, can significantly improve the work of your genitals, especially the testicles.

  • Use your thumb and forefinger to compress your auricle (approximately in the middle), a signal is coming to your testicles to produce more hormones.
  • Bend your leg at the knee and point with your index finger, tap the place in its bend – in this way you increase the “frivolity” of your member.
  • Press a point about 3-5 cm above the base of your penis – you increase testicular activity.