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Masturbating More Can Be A Problem

Masturbation can become healthy. However, when it interferes with your life or even causes you physical problems, it stops being in the normal range.

There is no magic number that establishes the exact number of masturbation that you must or can do. Masturbation is something healthy; However, masturbating more than the account can be a problem and even interfere with your daily life.

You may do it twice a week or twice a day, you may even have a routine. However, one way or another, you may have noticed that you masturbate too much. But, calmly, according to the best sexologist in Delhi, Dr. P K Gupta makes clear that there is no exact and correct number. “27% of men between 30 and 39 years old masturbate once a week, approximately,” he explains.

The amount of masturbation is not a problem unless it affects your life in a negative way, and here we detail some signs, physical and mental so that you identify if you have a problem with this issue.

You hurt yourself

Some men masturbate so often that they hurt themselves, they can be skin lesions by irritation, or more serious as perianal problems. It’s obvious, but just in case you hurt yourself, stop masturbating so much and with a lot of intensity.

Your work suffers

If you prefer to stay at home on a Sunday with your hand instead of going out with friends, or you have been late for a work meeting for playing around more than the account, then you have a problem. Your masturbation habits are interfering with your social life and your work. Change your routine.

Your sex life suffers

Some gentlemen masturbate a lot with only one type of stimulus and watching pornography, so when they have sex they can not find a way to recreate that feeling and excitement. If you always see the same type and use the same movements, you teach your brain to work alone so you may have problems when having sex with your partner, explains sexologist in Delhi.

You always think about masturbating

If you wake up wanting to touch you, after eating you want to do it, and when you get home it’s the first thing you think about … you have a problem.

Solve your problems

If you are among those who think you have problems with masturbation, quiet, there is a solution. The sexologist doctor in Delhi advises you to ‘be courteous’ by either setting some direct limits or by gradually reducing your masturbatory habits, for example by setting the standard of only doing it at night.

Masturbation is a healthy part of your sex life, and you do not want to abandon this practice completely, but if after trying to ‘regulate’ the touching fails, you should go to a sex specialist in Delhi to give you the necessary therapy, for your own good and that of your partner.


Erectile Dysfunction in Young Man

The number of young people with Erectile Dysfunction has increased by 15%

The erectile dysfunction, also known with the acronym, is the inability to get and maintain an erection to allow sexual intercourse satisfactorily. This problem affects more and more men and at younger ages. This is due to changes in habits and lifestyles, as they increasingly recognize that they have the problem and seek help.

More and more young people suffer from erectile dysfunction

According to a study, the number of young patients who have sought help to solve the problem has increased by 15%. This increase is extracted from the treatments performed on more than 16,000 patients with ED since 2011.

A significant fact is that 1 in 4 patients is relatively young, less than 45 years old. This shows that, although this problem is associated with aging, it can appear at any age. Erectile dysfunction in young people is a reality more and more frequent. But what is behind this growing evil?

Why are there more cases of erectile dysfunction among young people?

One of the reasons that may be behind the cases of erectile dysfunction among young people may be the consumption of fake medicines. 50% of the medicines that are sold on the Internet are false.

In some cases, the false medicines have brought serious health problems to who have consumed them. After experiencing their ineffectiveness they finally choose to seek the help of professional doctors. Every day there are more people who come for help to recognized sexologist clinic in Delhi after having wasted their money.

In other cases, the reason for the dysfunction is related to bad habits, such as alcohol abuse, the use of drugs or the like. It is known that of the men treated by Dr. P K Gupta, the best sexologist in Delhi, 70% of patients between 26 and 35 years old consume alcohol and that 66% of those between 36 and 45 years old also do so. It has also been analyzed that 1 in 4 smoke.

Organic causes are usually behind most cases. 90% of those affected by ED have a health problem that triggers the dysfunction. For the most part, poor blood circulation prevents getting and maintaining erections for a reasonable time. Patients with hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity or diabetes are usually the most common cases.

The remaining 10% is mainly due to psychological problems. In the case of young people, the lack of experience to assume the pressures of life and the fear of not being up to date when they have sex are usually the most common causes. How young people can combat erectile dysfunction

To reduce the chances of suffering erectile dysfunction at a young age, or in the future, a series of recommendations can be followed. Even if you are not young, all that is recommended below can be beneficial to combat the problem.

  • Remove the snuff. The nicotine in cigarettes has many negative effects on the body. One of them is related to blood circulation since nicotine is vasoconstrictive. Interference in the blood flow also reaches the veins and arteries of the penis, which does not receive all the blood flow it needs and does not allow a hard and prolonged erection to occur. Do not wait for the problem to arise to quit tobacco. If you stop consuming, there will be immediate improvements. However, if you have this habit for a long time, it may be more difficult to recover, prolonging much longer than desired.
  • Do not abuse alcohol. Sporadic alcohol consumption does not represent significant risks to reach and maintain erections. A little alcohol can have a vasodilator effect that helps reduce anxiety and increase blood flow. However, the excess or habitual consumption of this can negatively influence the central nervous system and cause a lack of sexual appetite, leading to erectile dysfunction.
  • Avoid the use of drugs. Drugs are one of the most harmful substances for an erection. The negative effect it has on the central nervous system and can become permanent. In addition, they can act as vasoconstrictors, reducing the amount of blood that runs through the veins and arteries of the penis, causing serious difficulties for the penis to be erect or for the erection to last long enough to reach orgasm.
  • Follow a healthy diet. There are different ways to maintain good cardiovascular health. If they complement each other, it will be much more difficult for erectile dysfunction to occur. One of them is related to health. There are foods rich in saturated fats that increase cholesterol, others act as vasoconstrictors and some more general anxiety states. This is a problem for the vascular system and for the libido. If you avoid junk food, an industrial bakery, energy drinks and, on the contrary, consume a lot of fruit, vegetables and drink a lot of water, erections will be more frequent and lasting.
  • Practice physical exercise. Another way to improve the vascular system and therefore increase the blood supply to the penis is physical exercise. The capacity of dilatation of the blood vessels is improved and therefore the ability to keep the penis erect.
  • Maintain an active sex life. Training prevents atrophy. Sexual activity improves the organic properties of the penis. But not only that, but it is also favorable in the emotional aspect, self-esteem is improved and tensions are released, factors that also intervene in the erection.
  • Go to the specialist doctor. When a problem is detected, it is best to go to the sex specialist in Delhi as soon as possible. He will study the case and determine the degree of concern that needs to be shown. After a personalized study will inform of whether it is necessary to intervene and put some treatment that prevents the problem to go further.

Erectile Dysfunction And Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Alternative To Improve Sexual Satisfaction In Erectile Dysfunction And Obstructive Sleep Apnea

The ED affects half of the patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), characterized by obstruction or repeated episodes of collapse of the upper airway of the respiratory system that occurs during sleep. Other data: a prevalence of 10 percent of OSA is estimated in the adult population. Of that percentage, 60 percent would be men.

“We have concluded that there is a prevalence of erectile dysfunction of 51 percent in the population with newly diagnosed OSAS,” explains Dr. P K Gupta, a renowned sexologist in Delhi.

“In A study conducted on people suffering from OSA, after three months of treatment with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), a 30 percent improvement in erectile function was obtained in these patients and significantly improved in sexual satisfaction,” says Dr. Gupta, Best Sexologist in Delhi.

Improves the arrival of oxygen to the erectile tissue of the penis

“We do not know the reason why the obstructive sleep apnea syndrome increases the risk of erectile dysfunction, although we could think that it may be related to the endothelial dysfunction that is involved with cardiovascular risk factors.” To be able to answer this question accurately, new studies would be needed, the sex specialist in Delhi acknowledges.

So, what is the hypothesis that leads to thinking that patients treated with CPAP would improve their sexual satisfaction? “After treatment with CPAP greater tissue oxygenation occurs, and this leads to an improvement in the arrival of oxygen at the level of the erectile tissue of the penis(corpus cavernosum and spongy). In addition, treatment with CPAP also improves the quality of sleep, decreases snoring and, therefore, to be the most rested person, increases their motivation to have sex, “says Dr. Gupta.

Can these patients take medications for erections?

Yes. As a treatment for erection, “patients with OSAS and erectile dysfunction can take medicine prescribed by sexologist doctor in Delhi if they do not have any other disease that contraindicates it. Obviously, it is a treatment that must be taken under medical prescription. Having SAOS is not a contraindication to taking this type of medication, “says Dr. Gupta.

Screening programs to detect erectile dysfunction in SAOS

The top sexologist in Delhi indicates that it would be useful to implement screening programs, since “many cases of SAOS patients with ‘hidden’ erectile dysfunction who would not have been consulted due to erectile dysfunction would be diagnosed, but they do so because of sleep apnea. In fact, to date, erectile dysfunction is still a taboo subject in our society.


Male obesity and sexuality correlation

Male obesity and sexuality are at odds

Obesity can influence the sexual experience and sexual response of men for various reasons. “It involves a double problem: from the point of view of health and aesthetics. Obese men have some cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors that can affect their sexual relations. On the other hand, some obese people avoid sexual relations so that they do not see them naked with that physical aspect, “says Dr. P K Gupta, Sexologist in Delhi.

Going into detail, obesity, by itself, can cause erectile dysfunction. “The cause is endothelial disorders at the level of the corpora cavernosa of the penis, due to vascular and metabolic alterations (hypertension, cholesterol, and high triglycerides, etc.).”

Today we know very clearly that obesity is one of the main risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes. Moreover, “obesity is associated with insulin resistance and hypogonadism with decreased levels of testosterone that cause erectile dysfunction. This occurs both by hormonal mechanisms and by vascular damage due to the alteration of the secretion of substances that damage the blood vessels at the level of the penis, “says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

“With the decrease of hormones there is also a decrease in sexual desire, which, together with impotence, greatly affect the sexual life of patients,” says Dr. P K Gupta. On the influence of obesity on testosterone levels, “it has been proven that the increase in central body fat causes a decrease in this hormone by transforming androgens into estrogens by means of numerous enzymes that modify steroids,” explains the best sexologist in Delhi.

Recently, “there have also been described sexual dysfunctions associated with the syndrome known as obstructive sleep apnea, an alteration also frequently associated with overweight and obesity,” says Dr. P K Gupta.

In addition to these organic causes, “we must not ignore the psychological aspect of the loss of self-esteem because it does not conform to the aesthetic models required in the game of seduction and desire,” says sex specialist in Delhi. Therefore, inhibited sexual desire is frequent.

Impact on the couple

“There is no doubt that this dysfunctional scenario if it occurs, has an important influence on the couple. It can influence the desire before the loss of attractiveness. But also, and no less important, is the appearance of a certain contagion in the partner of his erotic partner’s anxiety, “says top sexologist in Delhi.

Dr. P K Gupta adds that “logically, all these aesthetic and health alterations have an impact on relationships with his partner.”

How can obese people improve their sexual health?

It is possible to improve sexual health if you are obese by means of the integral modification of the organic, psicosexuales and medicaments factors. This is what Dr. Gupta explains: “The organics, changing the nutritional style, distributing the meals in less quantity and shortening the time between them. It is also convenient to perform controlled physical activities and modify habits such as tobacco and alcohol. ”

As for psychosexual, the expert advises to promote sexual dialogue with the couple, as well as to increase self-esteem by working on alterations of the body schema.

Finally, in the drug aspect, it should be reviewed and modified, if possible, the use of drugs that inhibit the erectile response or that increase body weight with a treatment of sexual dysfunction associated with obesity.

For sexologist in Delhi, “the solution is as obvious as it is complex. Weight loss is one of the fundamental objectives, but sometimes it is so difficult that it forces us to resort to surgical solutions such as bariatric surgery, the intragastric balloon or the reduction of digestive tracts. ”

In the case of men with diabetes, Dr. Gupta insists that the most important thing is to lose weight, and, for this, nothing better than exercise and diet. The Look Ahead study (Action For Health in Diabetes), carried out in the United States for nine years in 5,145 patients with type 2 diabetes and excess weight, showed that weight loss reduces some erectile dysfunction. “Although the best thing is always that the damage is not produced because reversing it is more difficult than avoiding it,” concludes sex doctor in Delhi.


Delayed ejaculation: how does it affect fertility?

The delayed ejaculation occurs when a man takes a long time to ejaculate or is unable to achieve orgasm normally this disorder usually occurs during sex couple as masturbation does achieve ejaculation; as indicated by sexologist in Delhi Dr. P K Gupta. “The 85 percent of men with delayed ejaculation can reach orgasm with ease through masturbation, therefore, the problem manifests itself when there are couple relationships, causing feelings of frustration in both,” says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

In his experience, this physician specialized in clinical sexology perceives that the prevalence has increased, especially among the youngest, although he acknowledges that he does not know the causes of this trend. In general, Dr. P K Gupta points out that the majority of cases are due to psychological issues. But how to know if there is a delayed ejaculation or not? “The average time of penetration is four to ten minutes, considering 18 minutes something excessive and, once past the 30 minutes, and we speak of a disorder,” he says. However, Dr. P K Gupta stresses that the most important thing is not time but wanting to ejaculate and not be able to.

The problems to have children, the reason for consultation

Delayed ejaculation is a problem that men usually suffer in silence, in fact, sometimes do not go to consultation until they raise paternity. “There are couples who until now do not think about it because, as there is no sexual dysfunction, they maintain relationships reaching orgasm separately, ” says the best sexologist in Delhi.

At this point, Dr. P K Gupta, sexologist specializing in sexual and reproductive medicine, points out that by not being able to ejaculate on fertile days, the possibility of conception diminishes as well as generates couple conflicts. “If the delay in ejaculation is accompanied by the non-ejaculation or avoidance of the same, the seminal quality may be adversely affected,” he adds.

Causes and treatment of delayed ejaculation

The psychological factor plays a fundamental role, especially when fantasies or the intensity of masturbation do not conform to the reality experienced as a couple. Therefore, top sexologist in Delhi warns that most cases are due to psychological issues so the therapy is based on a behavioral strategy: “We must reconvert some erroneous sexual expectations to be consistent with the reality. In addition, the intervention is always in pairs because the other person often experiences feelings of guilt. ”

In this phase of treatment, you can opt for mindfulness so that man becomes aware of himself as he needs to learn to recognize touch and its relationship in the areas of pleasure. Another practice proposed by Dr. P K Gupta is masturbation with erotic toys that simulate the real environment of a vagina, all in the presence of the couple as an intermediate step.

On the other hand, Dr. Gupta explains that many patients with this problem exceed 50 years and, then, the origin of the problem may be associated with alterations in the prostate, late-onset hypogonadism (andropause) and neurological changes that affect fertility. However, the psychological component gains strength in the younger population, sometimes derived from moral prejudices or fears of unwanted pregnancies.

Beyond sexual therapy and if ejaculation is physically impossible, sex specialist in Delhi suggests evaluating the use of vibrostimulation to force it, although he recognizes that the most usual is to perform an epididymal aspirate or testicular biopsy to obtain sperm and proceed to in vitro fertilization.