Possibilities of penile thickening and enlargement

A well-formed penis shapes male self-esteem like no other factor. Accordingly, the psychological pressure is great when the own limb is perceived as too small and often men choose the wrong option for penis enlargement treatment in Delhi

Here is what is perceived as normal, very subjective. Three out of four men are dissatisfied with the size or shape of their penis. In fact, a micropenis is a medical condition that affects very few male. However, the psychological burden can be immense even with a “normal” size and significantly affect self-esteem. Penis enlargement treatment in Delhi is a perfect option to increase the size of the penis.

penis enlargement treatment in Delhi

With the help of medical intervention, modern penis enlargement treatment in Delhi can now extend the penis by a few centimeters. In contrast, penis enlargement or penile thickening with hyaluronic acid is a minimally invasive procedure in which the size and shape of the limb are adapted in a gentle manner.

In aesthetic medicine, this modern method of treatment is increasingly used as an alternative to surgery. The volume build-up with hyaluronic acid allows a targeted, gentle adaptation of the penis shape without the risks of surgical intervention. In addition, both interventions are often combined today to obtain a harmonious overall picture.

Below we have provided you with the most important information about penis enlargement.

When is a penis enlargement treatment in Delhi useful?

Most men opt for penile enlargement to improve their self-esteem and finally feel comfortable with their masculinity. Even if there is no medical indication for surgery, the suffering from the small penis is enormous in many patients. Often the sex life suffers – regardless of whether the partner is satisfied with the penis size.

At this point, it is important to mention that you can not approach the desired penis enlargement with unrealistic ideas. True “miracles” with a length increase of several centimeters are not feasible. No serious surgeon will promise that. It, therefore, plays a particularly important role in talking extensively with the treating sexologist in Delhi about the results actually achievable in order to obtain a realistic idea and to avoid exaggerated expectations.


Medically indicated is a penis enlargement in a so-called micropenis. The term refers to a penis, which in the erected state has a length of less than 7.5 cm. Everything that is above it is considered “normal” from a medical point of view. However, the shape and size of the limb vary very much in general. In India, the average penis length in the erected state is about 10 cm. In the relaxed state, the average male size of German men is about 5.6 cm.


Often men seem to be much more dissatisfied with their penis length than their own partner. At least an online survey with over 52,000 participants comes to this conclusion. According to this study, 85 percent of the partners were satisfied with their partner’s penis size, but only 55 percent of the men were happy about their penis length. One reason for this could be the different perception based on the perspective: viewed from above – ie from the point of view of the man – the penis is smaller than from another perspective. This is especially enhanced if you have a larger waist.


Over these as well as other questions circulating for decades various rumors that like to persist. However, in the aforementioned study of King’s College, no relationship was found in terms of nose size, the size of the index finger in relation to the ring finger nor the body mass index. None of these features says something about the penis length.

An exception, however, could be found in terms of body size, So the researchers were able to measure a weak correlation between the height and the length of the erect penis. But again, this outcome should be interpreted carefully. Whether there is actually a connection would have to be confirmed in further studies.

Penis Enlargement Treatment in Delhi

In addition to the minimally invasive method, it is also possible to surgically enlarge the penis. In contrast to penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid, operative enlargement of the penis is all about achieving an optical extension of the penis. This is only possible to a very limited extent in the context of the minimally invasive method.

The human penis consists of an outer and an inner part. As the actual penis, we only refer to the part that is visible outside of the body. Both parts naturally have a size ratio of about 50:50. The aim of surgical penis enlargement treatment in Delhi is to shift the internal portion of the penis outwards. As a result, the visible penis can be extended without having to intervene in the structure of the penis root.


penis enlargement clinic in Delhi
As with the minimally invasive treatment also applies to the surgical procedure: A magnification is indicated from a medical point of view only if the penis can be described as clearly too small. This applies in particular to patients who suffer from micropenis.

However, psychological distress can also be considered in individual cases if the penis size is “in the frame” from a medical point of view. Whether a penis extension makes sense should therefore always be decided to take into account the personal situation.

The operative penis extension is not suitable for achieving an above-average penis length or for achieving a very long increase in length. Here, the treating physicians are required to provide professional education and deny unrealistic wishes.


In an operative penile enlargement, the anterior inner ligaments of the limb are restructured. This is done over a small incision of about 3 cm in length. The cut is in the public area and is not visible later. The back straps remain untouched so that the penis retains its longitudinal stability.

The attachment of the limb is displaced forward using self-tissue. This straightens the course of the penis, which runs naturally in the body obliquely and arcuately. By straightening the slope and arc, the proportion of the outer limb is increased in comparison to the inner part. So now a larger part of the organ is externally visible.

Special suture techniques make it possible to perform the penis extension without the use of foreign tissue such as silicone. The penis root remains untouched, leaving the vessels, nerves, and urethra within. A skin graft is not required because the existing skin of the penis and scrotum is sufficient for restructuring.


The increase in the size of the limb depends on how the existing ligamentous structure looks like and at which angle the penis runs in the interior of the body. In general, patients can expect an increase of about 3 to 6 cm. However, it should always be borne in mind that the result in the individual case does not necessarily correspond to the maximum result.

Even after an operative penis extension, a very small penis will seldom match the average penis size. Especially with a very small penis or a micropenis, however, a significant lengthening can often be achieved. For the person affected, this can mean a noticeable improvement in the quality of life and self-esteem.

A person who is looking for a penis enlargement clinic in Delhi, need to visit for testing whether his penis is normally developed or undeveloped. After the proper check-up, the doctor advises medicine or therapy to increase the size.

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