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Major Sexual Health Problems Treated By Sexologist in Delhi

Sexual health plays an essential role in your overall health. Your mental, emotional and psychological well-being influences your sex life just as much in various ways. Dr. P K Gupta, Best Sexologist in Delhi, will provide you the best treatment you need to improve your sexual health.

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Dr Pk Gupta

Dr. P K Gupta, Sexologist in Delhi

Helps people with sexual problems

With more than 20 years of experience in sexology, Dr. P K Gupta is one of the best sexologist in Delhi as his contribution to his field recognized by many organizations. He is qualified to perform sex treatment in Delhi by counseling or with the prescription of drugs.

He studied sexuality in its various spheres, from bodily to psychic experience, involving not only thoughts and feelings, but sexual behavior as a whole.

He studied how people view sex, how they live it, and what blockages they have so they can enjoy a healthy and satisfying sex life. He has undergone additional and specific training to help people and couples with sex-related difficulties.

The best sex doctor in Delhi listens to the patient recount and describes his individual and relational problems and needs, in order to assess whether the most probable cause is psychological, physical, or a combination of the two.

Talking about his experiences will help the patient to better understand what is happening and the reasons.

The top sexologist in Delhi also offers consultations to clarify doubts and concerns about aspects related to their sexual habits, socialization aimed at courting and training a couple, the most intimate approach with the partner, etc.

The best sexologist in Delhi is also a counselor, a professional who listens, welcomes, and leads the patient, in a healthy and responsible manner, all these issues in a pleasant and fruitful way, always moving towards overcoming sexual difficulties.

Why Sexologist in Delhi

In situations characterized by an emotional and relational discomfort so important as to negatively affect the quality of personal and couple life, the best sexologist in Delhi, being also specialized in psychotherapy of the couple and the family, can propose a path of treatment aimed at improving the people involved.

The mission of the sexologist doctor in Delhi

Sexology is the study of human sexuality and its manifestations. Sex specialist in Delhi studied all aspects of sexuality, namely sexual development, the mechanisms of erotic relationships, sexual behavior and affective relationships, including physiological, medical, social and cultural aspects.

More concerned with male difficulties.

Sex doctor in Delhi tracks, understands and treats male difficulties; the erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation (which is either early or difficult to achieve or absent), low sex desire (often grouped under the term of libido disorder) and fertility (study of quality, number and mobility of spermatozoa).

How do You know if You need to look for sexologists in Delhi?

The World Health Organization defines that a healthy life is supported by 4 main pillars: work, family, leisure, and sex. There are health benefits to sex, and it is not wrong to say, therefore, that being mindful of the quality of sexual life means taking care of one’s physical and mental health.

The search for a sexologist in Delhi should take place when the person realizes that he or she cannot live their sexuality satisfactorily or when they feel the need to better understand their own sexuality.

Problems related to sexuality are much more common than you might think. According to a survey, 51% of the Indian population is not satisfied with their sex life. 62% of men report difficulties in maintaining erection and only 22% of women reach orgasm in most of their sexual intercourse.

What problems can a sexologist doctor in Delhi treat?

Sex therapy is a process that involves self-knowledge, reflection on emotional issues, relationships, behaviors, insecurities, and mental patterns. Rather than simply talking about sexuality, sexual therapy proposes a broader assessment of the person, assessing how a person's personality and the relationships he or she establishes influence how they experience their sexuality.

Some of the problems treated during sex therapy include:

Erectile Dysfunction

Difficulty in having or maintaining an erection rigidly and long enough to allow penetration and intercourse.

Premature or late ejaculation

Difficulty in prolonging intercourse due to ejaculation occurring earlier than expected (premature ejaculation). Or, on the contrary, have difficulty in ejaculating, even after a long time after the beginning of the sexual act (late ejaculation). Both cases may be directly linked to performance anxiety issues.

Lack of Desire or Low Libido

Complete lack of desire or diminished desire to perform the sexual act. It can also affect both men and women.


Difficulty reaching orgasm (considering most sex). It affects men and women.


Involuntary intense contraction of the vaginal muscles, making it difficult or even preventing penetration.


Pain in the sexual act. Affects both sexes.

Problems arising from abuse or sexual violence

Sex therapy can help the patient work through his or her previous trauma, conflict, or experience to resignify emotions and return sexuality to a normal, healthy pattern.

Addiction or Sexual Compulsion

They happen when the permanent need for sexual stimulation (concrete or not) goes beyond healthy levels and causes negative consequences for life.


These are persistent and frequent fantasies or behaviors that are inappropriate, unethical, or cause humiliation or suffering for yourself or your partner.

Other questions

Relationship difficulties, sexually transmitted diseases, sexuality and aging, among other issues, are among the issues that can be addressed in a sexual therapy.

The damage caused by lack of communication

Although many people recognize the importance of talking about sexuality, this subject is unfortunately still a big taboo. Many do not feel prepared to talk about any subject related to this universe, considering it embarrassing or inappropriate. This “silence” only increases the lack of information and generates even more negative impacts.

When there is a lack of direct and objective communication on this topic, the possibility of clarification is also lacking and there is room for myths and prejudices to be consolidated, as well as to increase the discrimination that harms people in various areas. Neglecting aspects that involve gender and sexuality reproduce and perpetuate models of inequality.

UNESCO underscores the importance of sex education in making young people’s journey towards adulthood more responsible, aware and healthy as regards sexuality.

Changes that have been going on for decades

Information, conversations, and transparency, when it comes to sex, have been gaining ground over the decades. It is now recognized that experiencing conflicting situations regarding sex and pleasure is a way of losing health. The lack of acceptance compromises the affective life and impairs many other aspects of the individual’s daily life, generating feelings of dissatisfaction and inadequacy, which must be addressed.

Abandon unrealistic expectations and don’t stick to standards. Begin the change you desire within you and let go of the social pressures. Seek well-being in all aspects, including sexual. This is an initiative in which there are only winners.

Look for a sex specialist doctor in Delhi and have a frank and open dialogue with him. Allow yourself to be yourself. One thing is certain: changes will come. Good, very good.

How is an appointment with sexologists in Delhi Work?

The consultation at the sexologist clinic in Delhi can be held either individually or as a couple and begins with an anamnesis, which is the collection of information and data regarding the patient and the problem. It is important that the person be comfortable and speak everything that is happening, aware that the professional will not judge him. Then the best sexologist in Delhi talks about the question, asks for exams if necessary, and combines how the treatment will be done, the points to be worked on, and explains what the next steps will be like.

The duration of sex treatment in Delhi will depend on the case. As in all professions, it is important to be aware of the quality of the sexologist doctor in Delhi and seek people who work with seriousness, delicacy, respect, and without prejudice of any kind. Be careful as the top sexologist in Delhi does not perform body therapies and has no physical or intimate contact with the patient. The only exception is if the sex doctor in Delhi needs to clinically examine the patient.

If you are experiencing any difficulties or questions in the sexual sphere, seek help or visit sex clinic in Delhi. It is important to understand that this gesture does not represent any weakness or cause for shame and talking to a sex specialist in Delhi is very different from searching for answers on the internet or with friends, as each question is unique and what happens to you may be quite different from what happens to you. your colleague.

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