sexologist doctor in Delhi

If you have problems with your sexual life or performance, this may be the time to go to a sexologist doctor in Delhi.

The sexologist in Delhi can help you resolve a sexual disorder and allow you to have fulfilling sexuality. What sexual disorders can lead you to consult him and how to cross the course of the first appointment?

What is a sexologist doctor in Delhi?

A sexologist is a doctor specialized in sexual disorders, he is most often entitled to prescribe an oral or local treatment depending on the problems encountered. The sexologist doctor in Delhi can also practice certain medical acts, such as physical examination. He specializes in sexual diseases, sexual, physical or psychological disorders and is an expert in sexual therapy. It can be consulted as much by women as by men and more often by couples.

sexologist doctor in Delhi
What can lead you to want to consult a sexologist?

There are a number of reasons that can lead you to consult a sexologist, whether you are a couple or single, you may experience sexual dysfunction throughout your life. Men with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation often consult a sexologist. If there is a loss of libido in your couple, you do not have sex with your partner and you both suffer, starting a sex treatment in Delhi can be a good solution. Women with vaginismus, anorgasmia or nymphomania are often referred to a sex specialist in Delhi as well.

Sexual information

Many sex consultation in Delhi is sexual information consultations. Indeed, sexuality is an area in which misconceptions are legion. So, when you ask yourself a question such as: “am I normal” in my functioning, in my fantasies, in my sexual practices, in my relationship with a couple … going to consult the best sex doctor in Delhi may be enough to calm anxieties or to perceive, on the contrary, that there really is a problem to be solved.

Functional sexual problems

sexologist doctors in Delhi
Other sexology consultations are dedicated to functional problems: desire disorders, erection, premature ejaculation or too late, chronic vaginal dryness, absence of pleasure or orgasm, difficulty in ejaculation, sexual blocking … an area in which a sexologist can be very helpful.

Diseases or drugs

The health problems can be at the origin of a sexual difficulty and also bring to consult, in particular, the chronic diseases, cardiac, pulmonary, neurological, inflammatory, or diabetes, the prostatic or gynecological disorders, and certain cancers.

And the diseases themselves are not the only ones involved. Treatments for these chronic diseases can also have adverse effects on sexuality. Consultation with sexologist doctors in Delhi can provide a point of reference and guidance towards solutions, usually with the help of the specialist of the disease in question.

Couple problems

sexologist doctors in Delhi
Some sexual difficulties have their origin in the tension of couple sometimes old or sometimes related to more recent events. Sexologist Doctors in Delhi are used to working on these relationships and some are even specialized in couple therapy.

Difficulties or personal traumas

A history of sexual assault or rape, child abuse, death around, etc. Such often very traumatic events can have harmful sexual consequences. Sex specialist doctor in Delhi is able to help a person with a history difficult to heal their traumatic sexual impact.

How to cross the course of the first appointment with a sexologist?

It is not always easy to admit that there is a problem within your couple, making an appointment with a top sexologist in Delhi is a kind of concretization of this problem and is therefore often quite difficult. Take the time to talk to your partner beforehand, consider all possibilities, discuss together the suffering you are experiencing and what you expect from your appointment with a sex therapist. During the first appointment, the sexologist in Delhi will question you both, together or separately, depending on the problem he will detect and will set up other appointments to start a sex therapy. If sexual disorder is physical, he may prescribe treatment or possibly surgery.

What is sex therapy for sexologist doctors in Delhi?

sex specialist doctor in Delhi
The sex therapy tends mainly to that you find sexuality bloomed. The first goal during a sex therapy is to restore sexual dialogue within a couple when it has been broken or never even existed. Some couples have a very good understanding on a daily basis but do not communicate enough once in each other’s arms. If you never tell your partner what you want sexually, if the way he makes you love is only rarely satisfied, the sexologist in Delhi will help you express yourself. If you suffer from a loss of libido, it will help you find ways to revive the desire and especially to understand why it has gone out.

Obviously, some words may be difficult to say or hear initially, but they will serve to defuse your blockage to start on a better basis. Sexual pleasure will be at the center of your therapy, if you have never managed to have an orgasm with your partner and you do not know how to talk about it, the sex consultant in Delhi will help you explain it to your darling. He can also guide you to discover your body without sex, only with caresses to find or discover sensations set aside. He can also advise you on suitable positions if the problem comes from the size of the sex of your partner and you indicate those where you will take more pleasure.

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