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The ideal position for a long period of sexual intercourse

Men are more likely to wake up during sex, and when this happens it is more likely that sex will last longer than desired. But it doesn’t have to be this way all the time, you can make sex last longer and satisfy both parties. One of the biggest problems men face is power. If your husband is unable to stay long, he may not be able to satisfy you. While it is not your fault, premature ejaculation affects both of you.  The good news is that you can help them last longer.

Sexual conditions that make you stay longer

Believe it or not, sexual situations affect how long your partner lasts. There are two factors that influence whether sexual orientation is good or bad in order to prolong sex. First is the opinion. There are situations that give great pleasure to men. They feel good, but too many emotions will cause your husband to be confused in front of you.

The second point is work. When your partner is pushing, all the pushing moves increase his or her heart rate. As the blood flows and your heart beats, your body will rush back. Keeping these two points in mind, let us consider what is good and what is bad for a longer period of time.  The worst mistake is the teaching method. This situation combines great ideas with great effort.

Dog behavior is the worst

Doggy mode is the worst-case scenario.  There is something in the way that the curved sex causes excessive emotion. Combining that with the profound and inspiring influence of the view of looking down at a beautiful woman, this situation is only suitable for a quick backpack!

A missionary does not help either

Another dire situation is the missionary. There is a lot of pushy movement that requires a lot of work. Worse still, your husband has to live on his own. It’s like doing push-ups during sex!

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The ideal situation is a cowgirl

The best place for a man to stay in bed longer is a cowgirl as it combines many elements to make sex more enjoyable.

  • The man is lying on his back. This will keep your heart rate slow. You can breathe, relax, sit comfortably, and enjoy the view.
  • There is no small influence for a man. The corner between the sexes is connected so that it can come in and out easily and not have too many impressions.
  • G-spot stimulation and clitoris are very high, a bonus for a woman.
  • You can control the tempo. If you feel like you are pushing too fast and you are getting to the point quickly, you can slow down so that he can breathe.

Another good feature is the front spoon

Another ideal position to take longer is the facial contours. This is where the two of them sleep on their sides, act as if they are hugging, and enjoy the glow of hot sex. This situation is as good as a cowgirl because you can sleep and be quiet. Unlike cowgirl, where you do cardio by riding a penis, spoons also allow you to relax. Stop having intense sex and enjoy the time you spend together.

At the same time, it is a good idea to get involved. You can put your body in the right place so that it gets inside you. More importantly, face and face spoons are a very passionate situation.

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