Male obesity and sexuality correlation

Male obesity and sexuality are at odds

Obesity can influence the sexual experience and sexual response of men for various reasons. “It involves a double problem: from the point of view of health and aesthetics. Obese men have some cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors that can affect their sexual relations. On the other hand, some obese people avoid sexual relations so that they do not see them naked with that physical aspect, “says Dr. P K Gupta, Sexologist in Delhi.

Going into detail, obesity, by itself, can cause erectile dysfunction. “The cause is endothelial disorders at the level of the corpora cavernosa of the penis, due to vascular and metabolic alterations (hypertension, cholesterol, and high triglycerides, etc.).”

Today we know very clearly that obesity is one of the main risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes. Moreover, “obesity is associated with insulin resistance and hypogonadism with decreased levels of testosterone that cause erectile dysfunction. This occurs both by hormonal mechanisms and by vascular damage due to the alteration of the secretion of substances that damage the blood vessels at the level of the penis, “says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

“With the decrease of hormones there is also a decrease in sexual desire, which, together with impotence, greatly affect the sexual life of patients,” says Dr. P K Gupta. On the influence of obesity on testosterone levels, “it has been proven that the increase in central body fat causes a decrease in this hormone by transforming androgens into estrogens by means of numerous enzymes that modify steroids,” explains the best sexologist in Delhi.

Recently, “there have also been described sexual dysfunctions associated with the syndrome known as obstructive sleep apnea, an alteration also frequently associated with overweight and obesity,” says Dr. P K Gupta.

In addition to these organic causes, “we must not ignore the psychological aspect of the loss of self-esteem because it does not conform to the aesthetic models required in the game of seduction and desire,” says sex specialist in Delhi. Therefore, inhibited sexual desire is frequent.

Impact on the couple

“There is no doubt that this dysfunctional scenario if it occurs, has an important influence on the couple. It can influence the desire before the loss of attractiveness. But also, and no less important, is the appearance of a certain contagion in the partner of his erotic partner’s anxiety, “says top sexologist in Delhi.

Dr. P K Gupta adds that “logically, all these aesthetic and health alterations have an impact on relationships with his partner.”

How can obese people improve their sexual health?

It is possible to improve sexual health if you are obese by means of the integral modification of the organic, psicosexuales and medicaments factors. This is what Dr. Gupta explains: “The organics, changing the nutritional style, distributing the meals in less quantity and shortening the time between them. It is also convenient to perform controlled physical activities and modify habits such as tobacco and alcohol. ”

As for psychosexual, the expert advises to promote sexual dialogue with the couple, as well as to increase self-esteem by working on alterations of the body schema.

Finally, in the drug aspect, it should be reviewed and modified, if possible, the use of drugs that inhibit the erectile response or that increase body weight with a treatment of sexual dysfunction associated with obesity.

For sexologist in Delhi, “the solution is as obvious as it is complex. Weight loss is one of the fundamental objectives, but sometimes it is so difficult that it forces us to resort to surgical solutions such as bariatric surgery, the intragastric balloon or the reduction of digestive tracts. ”

In the case of men with diabetes, Dr. Gupta insists that the most important thing is to lose weight, and, for this, nothing better than exercise and diet. The Look Ahead study (Action For Health in Diabetes), carried out in the United States for nine years in 5,145 patients with type 2 diabetes and excess weight, showed that weight loss reduces some erectile dysfunction. “Although the best thing is always that the damage is not produced because reversing it is more difficult than avoiding it,” concludes sex doctor in Delhi.

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