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Delayed ejaculation: how does it affect fertility?

The delayed ejaculation occurs when a man takes a long time to ejaculate or is unable to achieve orgasm normally this disorder usually occurs during sex couple as masturbation does achieve ejaculation; as indicated by sexologist in Delhi Dr. P K Gupta. “The 85 percent of men with delayed ejaculation can reach orgasm with ease through masturbation, therefore, the problem manifests itself when there are couple relationships, causing feelings of frustration in both,” says sexologist doctor in Delhi.

In his experience, this physician specialized in clinical sexology perceives that the prevalence has increased, especially among the youngest, although he acknowledges that he does not know the causes of this trend. In general, Dr. P K Gupta points out that the majority of cases are due to psychological issues. But how to know if there is a delayed ejaculation or not? “The average time of penetration is four to ten minutes, considering 18 minutes something excessive and, once past the 30 minutes, and we speak of a disorder,” he says. However, Dr. P K Gupta stresses that the most important thing is not time but wanting to ejaculate and not be able to.

The problems to have children, the reason for consultation

Delayed ejaculation is a problem that men usually suffer in silence, in fact, sometimes do not go to consultation until they raise paternity. “There are couples who until now do not think about it because, as there is no sexual dysfunction, they maintain relationships reaching orgasm separately, ” says the best sexologist in Delhi.

At this point, Dr. P K Gupta, sexologist specializing in sexual and reproductive medicine, points out that by not being able to ejaculate on fertile days, the possibility of conception diminishes as well as generates couple conflicts. “If the delay in ejaculation is accompanied by the non-ejaculation or avoidance of the same, the seminal quality may be adversely affected,” he adds.

Causes and treatment of delayed ejaculation

The psychological factor plays a fundamental role, especially when fantasies or the intensity of masturbation do not conform to the reality experienced as a couple. Therefore, top sexologist in Delhi warns that most cases are due to psychological issues so the therapy is based on a behavioral strategy: “We must reconvert some erroneous sexual expectations to be consistent with the reality. In addition, the intervention is always in pairs because the other person often experiences feelings of guilt. ”

In this phase of treatment, you can opt for mindfulness so that man becomes aware of himself as he needs to learn to recognize touch and its relationship in the areas of pleasure. Another practice proposed by Dr. P K Gupta is masturbation with erotic toys that simulate the real environment of a vagina, all in the presence of the couple as an intermediate step.

On the other hand, Dr. Gupta explains that many patients with this problem exceed 50 years and, then, the origin of the problem may be associated with alterations in the prostate, late-onset hypogonadism (andropause) and neurological changes that affect fertility. However, the psychological component gains strength in the younger population, sometimes derived from moral prejudices or fears of unwanted pregnancies.

Beyond sexual therapy and if ejaculation is physically impossible, sex specialist in Delhi suggests evaluating the use of vibrostimulation to force it, although he recognizes that the most usual is to perform an epididymal aspirate or testicular biopsy to obtain sperm and proceed to in vitro fertilization.