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Hypoactive Sexual Disorder: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

The hypoactive sexual disorder is a means of a persistent lack of interest in sexual activities.

However, it must be borne in mind that, according to the best sexologist in Delhi, at some point in their lives one in five men lose their sexual desire.

In the case of women, the sexologist in Delhi, also argues that three out of ten women lose the desire for sexual activities.

Keep in mind that this loss of sexual appetite doesn’t always have to do with a disorder, but when the corresponding symptoms occur it can be a disorder.

The same with the causes, if there are signs that the lack of sexual desire is due to one of the causes that cause hypoactive sexual disorder, then we must seek help.

In this sense, a sex specialist in Delhi, can help diagnose what lack of interest in sex is all about and may apply the most convenient treatment.

Here’s more on this type of disorder.

Symptoms of hypoactive sexual disorder

Symptoms of hypoactive sexual disorder can be confused with any other sexual problems.

That’s why it’s important to have the services of a sexologist in Delhi to diagnose what the problems of disability and lack of desire for sexual activity are due to.

The most common symptoms of this type of disorder are:

  • Inability to have sex.
  • Dissatisfaction when it comes to sex.
  • Couple problems.
  • Anguish, anxiety, sadness.

If these symptoms occur, don’t hesitate to set aside an appointment with a sexologist in Delhi so that a series of sessions will help you determine both the causes and the correct diagnosis.

This will facilitate treatment to reverse the condition.

Causes of hypoactive sexual disorder

As for the causes, these may vary. In fact, there are a number of psychological causes that can influence.

But environmental and physiological causes, which are risk factors for hypoactive sexual disorder, can also be identified.

Here’s a list of the main causes of the disorder:

  • Self-esteem or body satisfaction issues
  • Stress, anxiety, troublesome situations and concerns
  • Certain drugs that decrease libido
  • Hormonal mismatches
  • Alcohol or drug problems
  • Restrictive childhood education on sexual intercourse
  • Problems in the relationship of a couple
  • The quality of sex and the skills in them
  • Psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, bereavements, etc.
  • Problems at work such as possible dismissal or stressful situations in them
  • Stages of development itself, such as menopause

Treating this type of disorder

Like most sexual or mental disorders, hypoactive sexual disorder requires proper and on-time treatment.

This may vary depending on the causes identified.

In this sense, medical treatment may be required, for which it is strictly necessary for a sexologist in Delhi to prescribe the medication that can help you.

So, don’t hesitate to seek help in case you suspect problems with your sex drive.