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Guide To Masturbation

Masturbation is the self-stimulation of the genital organs to achieve sexual arousal and pleasure, usually, until the orgasm is reached (sexual climax).

It is performed by touching, handling or massaging the penis or clitoris until the orgasm is reached.

Some women also use vaginal stimulation or use “vibrator type” sex toys.

Who masturbates?

Almost anyone. Masturbation is a common behavior, even in the case of people who have sex with their partner. In a national study, 95% of men and 89% of women say they have experienced masturbation. Masturbation is the first sexual act experienced by women and men. In childhood, masturbation is a normal process of self-knowledge of the girl or boy. Most people continue to masturbate in adulthood, others continue to do it all their lives.

Why are we masturbating?

Besides feeling good, masturbation is a way of releasing sexual tension that can accumulate during certain periods, especially in the case of people who do not have a sexual partner or whose partners are not available to have sex. Masturbation is an effective method for people who want to avoid pregnancy and the dangers of contacting a sexually transmitted disease. It can also be beneficial when donating a sperm sample is necessary to perform an infertility test or for sperm donation. If an adult has sexual dysfunction, masturbation may be recommended by the sexologist in Delhi to allow the person to experience the orgasm (usually in the case of women) or to postpone the orgasm (usually in the case of men).

Is masturbation normal?

In the past, masturbation was considered a perversion and sign of mental illness, nowadays it is considered a normal activity, for a pleasant, fulfilled and risk-free sex life. It is a normal way to feel sexual pleasure and can be performed throughout life.

Masturbation is considered a problem when it inhibits sexual activity with the partner, when it is done in public or if it harms the person. It can be considered harmful if it is compulsive and / or interferes with daily activities.

Is masturbation dangerous?

In general, the medical community considers masturbation to be an expression of normal, risk-free sexuality for both women and men. It does not cause physical injury, does not harm the body and can be practiced in moderation throughout the life of the individual as part of normal sexual behavior. Certain religions and cultures oppose the practice of masturbation or even consider it a sin. This can lead to feelings of guilt or shame about this behavior.

Some sexologists in Delhi suggest that masturbation can improve people’s relationships and sexual health. By exploring your body through masturbation, you can find out the erogenous areas and you can share these things with your partner. Some partners use mutual masturbation to discover techniques for improving sexual intercourse and increasing mutual knowledge.

sexual mistakes

6 Mistakes That Men Make When It Comes To Sex

So you think you know pretty much everything you can about sex? That women have no secrets anymore and that, if there is a universally valid encyclopedia about eroticism, would you write it for the most part? The truth is that it is not so … In fact, many of the things that men feel like they know, are wrong. And mistakes can be very elementary and can be the key to a failed relationship. Women are many things, but open books are not. And this observation is also true in terms of their sexual behavior, not just how they behave in a relationship, for example.

Their sexual appetite, their preferences and how the female body is aroused, are still studied by sexologists in Delhi, so their response is unlikely to be in a man’s mind. Mistakes that men make about sex are, to some degree, excusable by the fact that most of them discover sex by themselves. The only tips and hints I get from erotic films, true “milestones” in the existence of any man, of course.

Unfortunately, the reality of porn movies differs greatly from what happens in everyday life. With age, experience accumulates, but many women are shy and prefer not to tell the man near them what they like, what excites them, what to insist and what to put aside. Because the subject is sensitive and not many recognize that, indeed, from time to time, the partner’s groaning is not quite as it should be, the sex specialist in Delhi has made a list of the most common mistakes that men make in the bedroom. Or in any other place that can easily be considered a bedroom.

You know what he wants

Men are very much about women with whom they have intimate relationships (and not only). One of the most common assumptions is that they know exactly what they want. And this assumption comes from the experience they had with other women. If this is the case, we must state from the beginning: not all women are the same!

Specialist advice

The experience gained with other women is very useful, but in the current relationship, it is even more useful to pay attention to what your partner tells you. Depending on her “indications” you can apply what you already know. It is wrong to start from the premise that what excites your ex-girlfriend will work now. And this advice is applicable to the whole relationship, not just the sexual component. There are women who are eager for one night’s adventures and for whom such casual sex parties are all they want from a man and others who just after a game are very attached to their partner. And, of course, all the other women who are caught between these extremes.

You have everything she wants

Not always! The best sexologist in Delhi has come to the conclusion, surprising and even frightening for some men, that there are women who can only orgasm at a vibration of over 3000 rpm. It is already clear that such vibration cannot be provided by the fastest natural oral or manual stimulation, and for such situations there are vibrators. Some men, however, look upon their use with restraint, which can favor problems.

Specialist advice

Just because the partner cannot reach orgasm only by the concomitant use of a vibrator does not mean that there is something wrong with it, or that it is “defective”. In such situations, the vibrator should be viewed more as an aid, not as a replacement.

Sex is perceived by both men and women

Not quite, not exactly! Sexologist in Delhi argues that there is a big difference between how men and women understand sex, but also how it feels for each of them. The sense of penetration that a man has can be felt completely differently by his partner. No matter how pleasant it is at one end, the other can be even tormenting.

Specialist Tip

The interior of the vagina of some women is sometimes less sensitive than other erogenous areas. The deep penetration, in the hope that this will stimulate it further, can do more harm than good, as it can be felt by the partner as a powerful blow to the stomach. The sensation that follows will not like them, certainly, nor you. Nausea which you can provoke in this way is not a subjective state but actually a reflex that can be triggered in these situations.

You know the anatomy of a woman well

Just because most men know what a clitoris is and about where it is located, doesn’t mean they can teach the anatomy of the female genital tract. The clitoris is only part of the whole. For a feeling of deep excitement, the specialists recommend more … study. The erogenous zones of a woman are not limited to the vulva and clitoris. In addition, very few men understand how the clitoris is and what its role is.

It should, therefore, be established: the clitoris is the homolog of the penis, is part of the female erectile system, it is the most erogenous (but not the only) area of ​​a woman, and its stimulation produces sexual arousal. But the exclusive focus of the attention on the clitoris will not provide complex arousal, which most women want, but if the rhythm and intensity are the right ones, it can reach orgasm.

There is no universal rhythm, each woman having her own. But what should be kept in mind is the correspondence of the two: clitoris-penis, men being advised to reach the clitoris of the partner in a way similar to that in which they would like to be excited.

Advice from specialists

The idea that a woman should have an orgasm only after (or only through) penetration vaginally. Clitoral stimulation is very important, but only if it is done properly. Most women reach orgasm only after a complex stimulation and deep arousal, unlike men, where things go faster.

Clitoral stimulation can help, do everything, or destroy sexual pleasure. The touch must be appropriate. If the former partner liked it in a way, it is not a sign that your current partner will respond to the same maneuvers. How do you find out what the rim is? Ask her, she will definitely guide you!

Lubrication = excitation

Not quite, not exactly! Sexologist in Delhi believes that there is rather a myth regarding this aspect of the female sexual response. The vagina should not be very lubricated in order to allow penetration. The lubrication of a woman’s vagina varies greatly depending on the stage of the menstrual cycle in which she is, being hormonally influenced, but is also affected by the psycho-affective states that the woman goes through, stresses, physical complexes, certain medications that they take during that period.

Specialists tip

If lubrication is not the one you both want, its causes being numerous, it would be best to use an artificial lubricant, available in pharmacies. Thus, the pleasure of the sexual act is not altered and there will be no risk of developing any affections, especially of the partner. Sex without lubrication favors the development of vaginal infections (including sexually transmitted diseases ), urination, but also the appearance of lesions and cracks in the vaginal mucosa, which can subsequently become complicated.

Silence is golden!

Many men think they should be as silent as possible during intercourse. Completely wrong! Only if the partner will be given directions or signs (often verbalized) to do the right thing, she will be encouraged, will continue and things will end pleasantly. Otherwise, she may think that all the “torment” is in vain and she will give up.

Specialist advice

A partner who wants to satisfy you will appreciate it if guided by suggestions. Otherwise, she will have to guess what she likes and doesn’t like, and sometimes there may not be a concordance between your thinking and her actions. Therefore, the sexologist in Delhi thinks that the conversation on the topic “what I like” would be very useful, both for you and for her.

Useful recommendations

The sexuality of a woman is one of the most complicated aspects of her. Sexologist in Delhi knows that it is not easy to deal with a field that is even theirs, often full of the unknown, and therefore offers some useful tips so that in the end, sex does not seem so cumbersome, and pleasure to exist for both.

These tips are:

  • Do not avoid kisses: there are men who, for various reasons, one of them being even sexual position, did not kiss his partner. But specialists consider that kissing is very important, especially for women during sex, especially penetration.
  • Don’t bite her before she is completely excited: any bite, even an innocent one, can create pain and discomfort if the partner is not excited enough. The more tempting the area, the more sensitive you have to wait.
  • Do not leave it on her: although it is nice that from time to time you let yourself in the passion and be tougher, avoid leaving all the weight on it. It may cause respiratory problems.
  • Do not ejaculate too soon / too late: any of these options will make you feel uncomfortable. If you ejaculate too early, there is a risk that she will remain dissatisfied, if you ejaculate too late there is a risk of vaginal dryness, local discomfort, and even pain, burns, and it is not good.
  • Do not consider sex with your partner a sequence in a porn movie: if there is something you particularly like, have seen, or read, it would be best to talk to your partner. Don’t slap her without knowing if she accepts, or doesn’t push her to oral sex if she doesn’t agree with that. The result will certainly not be a pleasant one.

What Are Sex Headaches?

This type of pain actually exists! They are also called orgasmic headache, benign intercourse headache, benign coitus headache

This type of headache occurs in those affected during sexual intercourse while masturbating (masturbation) and also during oral or anal intercourse. Men are mostly affected, but women can also suffer.

Some men report that the suddenly occurring, sometimes very violent, sex headache on the way to orgasm becomes increasingly severe and then reaches its climax during orgasm. Often the pain lasts only a few minutes, in some cases, it can last for hours or even several days. People with migraines are at increased risk of having sex headaches.

The cause of this is still not entirely clear. But it is suspected that there is so-called vasospasm in the head, with the blood-carrying vessel contracting.

Are the headaches dangerous?

Even if the symptoms are very annoying, there is usually no real “bad” disease. If you have sex headaches, you should definitely see a doctor you trust. So that he can clarify whether there may be medical causes such as bleeding in the head If there is a suspicion of this, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), CT or angiography is done, and the pain often resolves on its own in a short period of time.

Prevention of sexual intercourse headaches

Some sexologists in Delhi also prescribe medication so that there is no sex headache in the first place. These can be beta-blockers, for example, which are used for therapy for high blood pressure, glaucoma or migraines. But there are also pain medications that you can take about an hour before sex. The anti-inflammatory or the anti-migraine drug comes into question here. One non-drug strategy to prevent headaches is to stop sexual activity the moment the headache begins. Affected people can also play a more passive role in sex. A massage of the head and neck muscles can also be helpful to relieve any tension before sex.