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Sexual Positions That Delay Ejaculation

To prolong the pleasure of sexual activity is the desire of all couples. Ejaculating represents for men the end of the relationship. Immediately after ejaculation (semen emission) and orgasm (brain sensation), the erection ends. The penis is even slightly sore if stimulated. It is called the refractory period, the time interval between relationships. The older the man is, the longer that time. So it is essential to understand a little more about this issue of ejaculation control.

It is worth mentioning that penetration has to be the “icing on the cake”. In other words, prolonging pleasure means transforming every second of the sexual encounter into an eternity. Dating with the whole body and being very relaxed to give and receive pleasurable stimuli is only possible for those who know, like, perceive and respect their partner and know that sex is not limited to the penis.

Are there sexual positions that delay ejaculation?

Yes. But this is individual. There is no rule or thing that works in all cases. It is easy to understand that a subject that involves sexuality, pleasure and more than one person (in this case, the partnership or partner) cannot be approached with rigid and pre-established rules.

We need to consider the complexity of the theme:

It is a problem that deeply affects sexual satisfaction to the point that it deserves complete treatment or just a wish for a couple where everything is going well, but it can improve. Each situation deserves a different approach.

Trying to select what works in almost all cases:

  • Choose a day when both are relaxed and relaxed
  • Don’t go too long (more than a week) without ejaculating. But also don’t be obsessed with the amount of relationships, to the point of wanting to have sex every day. Worry about quality and less about quantity. Masturbation works well as a way to relieve tension and anxiety before intercourse
  • Try to do something that relaxes you and helps you concentrate (meditation, music, reading, …) before starting the relationship. Especially for the very anxious and who lead busy lives, this preparation for the moment of pleasure is important
  • Invest a lot in foreplay and use your whole body to give and receive pleasure. Date a lot and try to make it clear to the partnership (o) what your preferences are
  • Make it clear and find out your and your partner’s (or partner’s) preferences
  • Penetrate when both are at the same level of excitement
  • Choose a position where you maintain control of coitus. It means a position where you can control the frequency, intensity of penetration. Where you can even stop it if you want to reduce the level of excitement to avoid ejaculating before the desired time
  • Focus your attention and feel what happens to your body and your partner (o). Try to see direct and indirect signals that show when and how it looks best for both. When there is enough intimacy, it can be talked about
  • Orgasm should not end exchanges between the participants in the relationship. Relax and enjoy together, showing in the best way it was a special moment.

What positions are these?

It was clear, therefore, that everyone should find the best position for the ideal control of ejaculation. The basic characteristics would be:

  • Be in control of penetration
  • Being able to increase or decrease the frequency of intercourse, including stopping it
  • Allow control of the intensity, that is, the vigor of the penetration
  • Be pleasant for both
  • Do not cause pain or other unpleasant sensations during or after intercourse
  • Respect the ideal moment to penetrate, remembering to explore the entire cycle of the relationship, from the preambles, foreplay, penetration, orgasm and resolution.

When to seek medical help for problems with ejaculation?

Here we need to make an important distinction between those who have primary premature ejaculation, that is, they have always had difficulty in ejaculating, and those who have just noticed a reduction in the control time in the last intercourse.

For those with premature ejaculation what is recommended? Look for a complete premature ejaculation treatment in Delhi that should involve medication and therapy. The behavioral part, which certainly involves sexual positions, is part of the guidelines. But we need to individualize them to the extent that what works well in one case may be useless in others.

The conversation with a trained sexologist in Delhi offers the opportunity to clarify doubts, dispel myths and correct beliefs constructed in the wrong way by past experiences.

Concern with ejaculation control must take into account the couple’s sexual satisfaction. There is no predefined time and cut line between normal and pathological. Respecting differences is important, but a prerequisite for this is self-knowledge.

We live in a post-medication erection era where men and women charge a lot in terms of performance. Unfortunately, this internal charge can turn into something we call “performance anxiety”. And anxiety exactly impairs ejaculation control.

So the main message is to relax and enjoy the relationship in the way that you both envision. No rules, but with great pleasure!