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Potency diet – what to eat to strengthen your erection?

A man’s potency diet should be rich in ingredients conducive to maintaining sexual performance, including healthy fats, zinc, selenium, and vitamin D. They affect the level of testosterone in the body, which in turn is responsible for sexual desire and … the level of attractiveness. See the advice of dietitian Mikołaj Choroszyński who suggests which products should be in the diet for potency.

Diet has a great impact on potency and the ability to maintain an erection, but few men are aware of this. It is partly the fault of modern times, which is not conducive to being a man in the full meaning of the word. The pace of life, environmental pollution, junk diet, low physical activity contribute to the occurrence of many disorders. Some of them lead to the development of dangerous civilization diseases, while almost all affect mental and physical health. These are by no means optimal conditions to maintain a high level of typically male characteristics, such as sexual performance.

In the article, sexologist in Delhi explains the factors that reduce potency and improve it. You will also learn what ingredients should appear on your menu regularly to maintain sexual function for longer. The article is mainly addressed to men aged 19 to 59, although everyone is able to get something out of it for themselves.

What is sexual potency?

Lust makes a man very bold, but love is always accompanied by intimidation – a French proverb.

According to various statistics, the lack of libido can affect up to 15% of men, and these rates are increasing from year to year. Such people do not feel full satisfaction from sex life. This often leads to the development of depressed mood or even depression. However, looking from the other side, the very occurrence of depression negatively affects the potency in 70% of men! So the environment is extremely unfavorable but does it mean that we can do nothing about it?

Well no! There are solutions that help improve men’s potency. But first, let’s explain how we understand potency?

Sexual potency in sexology means the ability of the (body) to react, measured by the frequency of sexual responses per unit of time (day, week, month, year). That is the man’s ability to have sexual intercourse.

Potency diet

The necessary ingredients in the diet for potency are:

  • EFAs, i.e. essential fatty acids

Sometimes called Vitamin T because of its extensive properties. EFAs include omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids. They show an anti-inflammatory effect.

It is important to maintain an appropriate O3 to O6 ratio of no more than 1:5. To achieve this, fish and seafood, nuts and seeds should be included in the diet . Especially chia seeds, hemp, or linseed. Walnuts are best for nuts.

  • ZINC

A deficiency diet in zinc contributes to a decrease in libido. Supplementing this ingredient is associated with an increase in testosterone levels. However, this effect is only noticeable if the deficiencies are supplemented. According to studies in people with normal levels of zinc, additional supplementation did not give any benefits.

It is worth mentioning that many natural aphrodisiacs are products naturally rich in zinc. These include: oysters, seafood, sea fish, nuts and stones (especially pumpkin seeds ), whole grains.


The potency diet should contain selenium. It’s a powerful antioxidant that increases the body’s resistance. In addition, it supports the binding and removal of heavy metals from the body. Over half of the body’s selenium content is in … the testicles! Marine offal and products: crustaceans and fish are particularly rich in selenium. In addition, garlic, mushrooms, or legume seeds should be included in the diet.


Vitamin D is called the vitamin of the sun. It is directly responsible for the level of testosterone in the blood. It is partly synthesized by the skin under the influence of UV sun rays. However, in our latitude, it is worth supplementing this vitamin with products such as country eggs, fatty fish of the type salmon, herring, mackerel. Include a few small portions of fish a week as an addition to a salad or sandwich, so that your potency improves naturally. However, from September, it is worth supplementing vitamin D3 throughout the entire autumn-winter period.


A potency diet should also contain glycine and proline. These are two amino acids found in large quantities in connective tissues. They affect the balance of neurotransmission in the brain, which will translate into more efficient sleep, which is a key element in the context of sexual performance.

So don’t forget about jellies, legs, and gelatin in your daily menu. They show anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. They affect collagen synthesis, and the body regenerates faster thanks to it.

  • choline

Several brain neurotransmitters are responsible for a cerebral drive. Acetylcholine plays a key role here. Its high level in the brain and the nervous system ensures an adequate supply of choline, its best sources are egg yolks, liver, and germs of wheat.

  • inositol

This substance is sometimes referred to as vitamin B8. It is estimated that 100 g of sperm contains 53 mg of inositol. Inositol is abundant in lecithin, so an extra portion of lecithin-rich foods like egg yolks, liver, beans, sunflower seeds, nuts, and green vegetables will definitely increase potency.

  • thyroxine

This is an important hormone secreted by the thyroid gland. He is responsible, among others, for vitality and sexual performance. To properly produce thyroxine, you need choline, iodine, protein and B, C, and E vitamins. To provide all these ingredients, it’s best to compose a valuable meal, e.g. a salmon salad served with wholemeal bread.


What else improves potency?

Not only diet is crucial to the quality of your sex life. To increase potency, also take care of :

  • Dream

It is recommended to sleep 7-8 hours a day. Sleep is one of the most important factors affecting sexual performance. During sleep at certain times during the day, secretion (secretion) reactions of important hormones occur in the body. Diurnal sleep disturbance will contribute to a decrease in testosterone levels. Sleeping is also associated with reduced well-being and a greater desire for unhealthy snacks.

  • Correct body weight

Adipose tissue is a strong endocrine organ. This means that it itself affects the hormonal level of the body. As you probably guessed, excess works extremely badly. To take care of the right level of male sex hormones, it is worth getting rid of extra kilos. Studies show that reducing excess weight contributes to increasing testosterone levels by up to 50%!