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Micropenis: Below What Size Is The Sex Said To Be “Small”?

We call micropenis a rod of small size but whose development is otherwise normal. Sex shows no abnormality of the urethral canal and the foreskin is normal. What are the causes? Are there treatments to lengthen the penis?

The definition of micropenis meets precise criteria for measurement. The penis must, therefore, be measured and compared to “normal” values ​​as a function of age. For an adult, the average length of the penis is 11 cm in the flaccid state and 15 cm in erection. In general, the diagnosis of micropenis will be made if the penis is less than 8-9 cm erect (or a penis less than 2.5 cm for new-borns).

The micropenis is to be distinguished from dysmorphophobias which are erroneous mental representations of the size of the penis coming under psychological care.

Micropenis: what causes a small penis?

There are many causes of micropenis:

  • Insufficient production of androgens (male hormones);
  • Insensitivity of tissues to androgens;
  • Association with malformations with or without chromosome abnormality.

However, they are not always found.

Micropenis treatments

Until adolescence, penis enlargement treatment in Delhi is based on the administration of injectable testosterone. Thereafter, hormone therapy is no longer effective and must give way to surgery.

The surgical treatment associates the section of the suspensory ligament of the penis which allows to gain 1 to 2 cm, a skin plasty at the root of the penis and often an abdominal plasty. Indeed, most young adults with a micropenis also have obesity and degreasing on the periphery of the penis allows to gain in length.

However, one should not expect a miracle from this surgical gesture because the length of the corpora cavernosa (responsible for the erection) cannot be modified and the aesthetic result will always be limited.

Sex size complex: penises wrongly judged small

Too small? How to situate oneself in relation to “normality”? The subjects of male concerns very often revolve around this “secret” organ, sometimes going so far as to make mountains of it. While in most men, fears subside and reactions are more moderate, in others, the dread can drag on and cause sexual problems or lead to incongruous medical requests.

In a study, 92 men who believed they had “micropenis” sought the help of a surgeon for this problem, which affects their virility. The patient’s history, duration of disorders, and sexual habits were collected. All were offered some sex education information from a sexologist in Delhi. The length and diameter of the penis were measured at rest and in an erection.

Each patient was informed that a penis was normal if at rest and in maximum extension, it was between 4 and 7 cm respectively. Result: according to the clinical criteria used, none of the men had a too short penis.  All participants overestimated the normal size of the penis. Support (psychological support and measures) was enough for most of them to put an end to misconceptions. Such support could in many cases avoid the need for surgery, which is never without risk.