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natural remedies for impotence

Natural Remedies For Impotence

The word impotence might seem like the equivalent of a failure, a weakness. Men suffering from impotence may at one point feel that their dignity, masculinity, and integrity would be affected. However, you should not feel this way, as impotence or erectile dysfunction can be improved with treatment.


Impotence can sometimes be caused simply by a bad diet. If you have noticed that certain foods cause diarrhea or constipation, avoid them. Alcohol can diminish sexual desire and may result in impotence. Coffee can have a negative effect on the sexual organs. Even by consuming tobacco products, debilitating reactions can occur, as such, stay away from them.

Check the adverse effects of the medicines you are using

A variety of medications can cause erectile dysfunction, including those for high blood pressure, antihistamines, antidepressants, tranquilizers, appetite suppressant drugs, but also some medicines used to treat gastrointestinal diseases. Ask your sexologist in Delhi to find out which of the medicines you are using may contribute to erectile dysfunction, to replace them.

Don’t focus on performance

It is not unusual for a man to have an occasional episode of premature ejaculation, after drinking or after a particularly stressful day. However, if the event becomes the main concern and fears arise that it may recur, anxiety itself may become a cause of erection difficulties.

Changing behavior can remedy the situation. A recommended strategy for therapists is to engage the couple in intimate, but non-sexual, touch. Gradually, after a period of time, depending on the couple, there will be first sexual touching and eventually sexual contact. The idea is that sexual activity seems like a less threatening experience.

Express your feelings

Marital or relational difficulties can contribute to sexual problems. Anger, resentment and negative emotions will often spill over into sexual life, turning the bedroom into a battleground. These situations can develop especially if the partners do not communicate. Share your feelings with your partner declaratively and try to focus on your emotions and feelings rather than the actions of the partner. By freeing yourself, your sex life will improve, suggests sexologist in Delhi.

natural remedies for impotence

Talk about sex

Sometimes erection problems occur because the man simply does not feel aroused. In this case, the sexologist in Delhi tries to get patients to discuss as openly as possible about their sexual relationship with their partners, what they like and don’t like, what they would like to experience. Also, to avoid conflicts and hurt feelings, the solution would be direct and objective statements. Expose your point of view rather firmly, than aggressively.


Include zinc in your diet. Low levels of zinc can lead to erectile dysfunction and impotence. Foods rich in zinc are mussels and oysters, whole grains, beans, and even table salt. If you have diabetes and have had digestive disorders in the past or suffer from liver or kidney disease, your zinc level should be supplemented.

Indian ginseng

Indian ginseng or ashwagandha has been used for centuries as a natural fighter against impotence. It is considered that the plant increases resistance and energy and improves general sexual function. Although Indian ginseng can cause drowsiness, it may be helpful for those who are experiencing impotence.


Specialists in reflexology claim that they can act in two ways against impotence. With the pressure of the thumb, the pressure will be applied in certain reflex points or energy channels located inside and outside the ankle. According to the principles of reflexology these points correspond to the reproductive organs in the body.

This action stimulates blood supply to the penis and encourages erection. Reflex therapy works by stimulating the nerve pathways that lead to the brain. This reduces the rate of respiration in the heart and lungs, reducing stress.

Although reflex therapy is not widely used to treat impotence in men, there is no reason why it might not be helpful. Impotence caused by stress can lead to a lack of blood supply to the penis. By stimulating the correct reflex points, the blood circulation in the penis will be improved and the erection will start.

Cinnamon, Cloves, and Ginger

Sexologist in Delhi believes that by consuming these spices, the blood will warm up on its own. These can intensify the circulation of the entire body, including the penis area. Although there is no clinical evidence to prove that cinnamon, ginger, and cloves can cure impotence, ancient civilizations have used these spices as aphrodisiacs for centuries to warm blood.

Quitting smoking

In smokers, there are two times higher odds than non-smokers to have impotence. Shortly after a cigarette is lit, nicotine circulates through the blood, and blood vessel constriction occurs.

Smoking interferes with a mechanism that stops the blood from flowing through the penis: without this, the erection cannot be sustained. Long-term damage includes the accumulation of fat deposits in the arteries of the penis, and blood flow to the penis will be restricted. Smoking increases the risk of erectile dysfunction by approximately 50% for men between the ages of 30-40 years.

Other important risk factors are diabetes, high cholesterol, and drugs used to treat high blood pressure.