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Erotic fantasies are normal – don’t be ashamed of them!

Erotic fantasies are not a shame. In dreams, you can imagine sex with who you want, where you want, and what you want. Sexual fantasies are a reflection of intimate sexual desires and needs. Is it worth talking about your fantasies? When do erotic fantasies become a problem?

Erotic fantasies are a normal sign of brain work, just like sex drive is normal. Sex on the beach, caresses a handsome man from work, a kiss with a person of the same sex, participation in a “triangle” or orgy … in everyone’s thoughts or dreams. You can’t escape such sexual fantasies. So let’s accept them and realize that they say a lot about our mental condition, sexual needs, as well as about our love relationships.

Erotic fantasies – sexual desires and needs

Erotic fantasies reflect our personality. It is believed that extroverted, brave people have spicy dreams, unlike calm, secretive people. But not always. Sometimes, seemingly silent mice dream about breaking taboos, e.g. sex in a public place with a stranger.

Erotic dreams are a reflection of our life, not just sex. They should not be interpreted literally. We usually fantasize because of temporary or prolonged dissatisfaction, loneliness, to diversify our sex life, for a change, for pleasure. Therefore, no, even the most shocking fantasy can not be evil (unless it turns into an obsession, but more on that later).

Erotic fantasies – what do they tell us?

Thanks to fantasies, we can analyze our emotions, find out what we lack in life – delicate caresses, domination, risk, or fun – and try to fulfill our own desires. This is a good way, for example, for long-term couples who need new stimuli to keep their relationship exciting, says sexologist in Delhi.

If you feel like kissing your husband’s friend or you dream of dragging him to the bathroom and force him to have sex there, it can be a signal that you want to change something in your love habits. So instead of going to bed again, offer sex in the bathtub or on the floor in the living room.


If we do not stop thinking about someone, we are unable to focus on our duties, and fantasizing ceases to be pleasant and only the realization of dreams would bring relief, it begins to be dangerous. It is worth finding the reason. To wonder whether it is simply a signal of sexual dissatisfaction or something in our relationship is not playing, and therefore the object of fantasy seems ideal. If the same (specific) image is repeated many times or returns from time to time, it can turn into an obsession that requires treatment. It can also lead to betrayal.

It happens that fantasies intensify. For example, in a man’s mind, a blindfolded woman turns into a woman in handcuffs, and sex with her gets more and more violent, with beating and choking, until finally rape occurs. A person constantly making such dreams can no longer get excited in a different way and eventually begins to strive to achieve them. Then she should turn to a sex specialist in Delhi and undergo treatment. This can mean serious disorders not only in the sexual sphere.