Delayed ejaculation: how does it affect fertility?


The delayed ejaculation occurs when a man takes a long time to ejaculate or is unable to achieve orgasm normally this disorder usually occurs during sex couple as masturbation does achieve ejaculation; as indicated by sexologist in Delhi Dr. P K Gupta. “The 85 percent of men with delayed ejaculation can reach orgasm with ease through masturbation, therefore, the problem manifests … Continue reading Delayed ejaculation: how does it affect fertility?

STI Sexually Transmitted Infections


STI Sexually transmitted infections STIs, also called Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) or venereal diseases, are infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites that are usually transmitted by having unprotected sex. Examples There are more than 20 types of STIs; some are: Syphilis Gonorrhea Chlamydia Herpes Chancre HIV Hepatitis B HPV HIV and Hepatitis B have … Continue reading STI Sexually Transmitted Infections

How Does Obesity Affects Sex


Obesity and sex in general, we all know that having several kilos or more, can be responsible for respiratory problems, heart or diabetes. But how does obesity affect our sex?  Currently, the issue of obesity is something worrisome, but it gets worse when it is also the cause that we cannot live with appropriate sex. That is, … Continue reading How Does Obesity Affects Sex

Erectile Dysfunction: Sexual Dysfunction Affecting Most of the Man


Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is one of the most common sexual dysfunction in men. It affects 40% of the male population in their lifetime. Erectile dysfunction is characterized as the inability to get or maintain sufficient erection for penetration during sex. Earlier it was assumed that erectile dysfunction happens to them who are old or after … Continue reading Erectile Dysfunction: Sexual Dysfunction Affecting Most of the Man

Multiple Sexual Dysfunctions Treatment


At the point when a man displays symptoms of many sexual dysfunctions, they might be determined to have unspecified sexual dysfunction. Symptoms will incorporate a few of those found in other sexual dysfunctions, including pain during intercourse, failure to accomplish a climax, low sex drive, and also other physical and mental issues. The reasons for … Continue reading Multiple Sexual Dysfunctions Treatment

Foods That Increase Fertility


According to sexologist in Delhi, Infertility is a common issue and may have an effect on each man and ladies. Issues within the production of sperms or eggs are because of physical or physiological factors. This prevents fertilization or hinders the implantation of the embryo within the womb. Folate, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, … Continue reading Foods That Increase Fertility

Premature Ejaculation: Causes & Treatments

Premature Ejaculation: Causes & Treatments

Do I have an issue with quick discharge? To what extent should sex last? There aren’t any rigid standards: the best answer is, the length of the couple included needs it to. A few couples may be extremely happy with, say, twenty minutes of sexual touching and stroking, trailed by intercourse that keeps going a … Continue reading Premature Ejaculation: Causes & Treatments