Making Love During Menstruation

A few days a month, the woman is “upset” by her period. If some see in the blood and the pain of menstruation felt during this period as irreversible obstacles to sexual intercourse, others, on the contrary, indulge in it with pleasure. Is sex during menstruation dangerous? How to envisage the sexual act?

Menstrual pain: barriers to intercourse

The majority of couples claim to abstain from sexual intercourse during the period of a woman’s period. Several reasons motivate this periodic abstinence:

  • For some, the sight of blood does not promote sexual arousal, quite the contrary. Even the penis of her lover covered with blood can be an obstacle to desire.
  • For others, a practical aspect curbs heat: making love during menstruation, especially in the middle of menstruation when they are most abundant, involves staining the sheets, the body and the clothes.
  • Last reason that justifies abstinence during menstruation, the pain of menstruation felt by some women. Intense stomach aches, nausea, persistent migraine or even great fatigue, the woman is not in the most fulfilling period of her cycle.

However, making love during menstruation is possible and it is no riskier than during the rest of the menstrual cycle.

Can making love during your period cause pregnancy?

In principle, the woman ovulates about fourteen days before her period: she is, therefore, fertile and can become pregnant during a sexual intercourse shared around the fourteenth day before her menstruation. A priori, no chance of getting pregnant while having sex during menstruation, explains sexologist in Delhi.

However, some women face a break from the rules and some sperm have a particularly long lifespan. When the menstrual cycle is disrupted, it is possible – even if this hypothesis is rare – that the period of ovulation overlaps that of the period: the woman then risks becoming pregnant during unprotected sexual intercourse during her period. When the partners have no desire for a child, it is therefore essential to use effective contraception even during menstruation. Moreover, this means of protection when it comes to a condom can also be useful for blocking STDs, suggests best sexologist in Delhi

Having your period promotes the transmission of STDs

Blood is the primary vector of disease. Thus, sexually transmitted diseases spread all the better during menstruation. In this context, it is essential that the partners use a condom, which avoids contact with the blood, to guard against a risk of STD – unless the couple has been tested in the months preceding the sexual act.

How to make love during menstruation?

Women and men whose sexual desire is at its peak at the time of menstruation exists. On the other hand, making love during menstruation presents no particular risk, and the woman’s genitals are not modified to the point of obstructing penetration or making intercourse painful. In these conditions, it is quite possible to consider sexual intercourse during menstruation. To promote sexual pleasure, some precautions can be taken beforehand.

Notify your partner.

If surprise makes it possible to spice up the life of a couple, surprising your partner by failing to warn him that she is menstruating does not necessarily expose the woman to a very conclusive result … It is therefore important to communicate with the other, to make a decision for two to make love during menstruation or to abstain.

Prepare the terrain.

To avoid being disturbed by the vision of a large volume of blood, the couple can plan to have terry towels – avoid white – on their sheets. The woman must also take care to remove her tampon, if necessary, to avoid a surprise that is not necessarily pleasant at the time of penetration. Finally, it may be a good idea to wait until the end of your period for less abundance.

Adapt sex.

The clitoris is located above the entrance to the vagina from which blood flows during a woman’s period. However, it is rare to practice cunnilingus during menstruation. However, this is the opportunity that some couples take advantage of to test anal sex.

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