Sexual Problems in the Partner

Sexual problems in the partner are often a consequence of a dysfunctional dynamic. That is, problem, of a negative evolution of the relationship. However, in some cases, sexual problems may appear in themselves, which would also logically affect the relationship.

What are the causes of the partner’s sexual problems? 

The most common causes of sexual problems within the partner are:

  • Routine life, where sex is no longer passionate.
  • Tensions, disagreements, frequent discussions.
  • Lack of communication, complicity or affective closeness.
  • Little free time shared to be together.
  • Stress and tiredness.
  • Rejection of sex by one of the members.
  • Avoidance of intimacy and closeness.
  • Occupational or household exhaustion.
  • Mechanical sex, no affection.
  • Daily habits and routines that prevent you from being together.
  • The arrival of children, with increased responsibility, lack of intimacy and daily stress.
  • Economic problems that make an adequate climate of tranquillity difficult.
  • Problems and changes in the body of one of the members that can lead to inhibition or rejection.
  • Physical or psychological diseases, such as depression.


There are couples who have decided, after a regularly long time in their relationship, not to have sex. Sometimes it is a spoken decision, and in others consensual by both sides. At the base is usually the boredom, routine, or an earlier predisposition of some aversion or unattractive by sex.

Often this behaviour is justified by phrases such as ‘in the couple, not everything should be sex’, ‘sex is not the most important thing in life’, ‘love is above sex’, ‘I have never been very sexual’ etc. The problem usually comes when it is a decision made by only one of the members; in these cases we find logical difficulties, where the other member of the couple debates between insisting, sometimes feeling selfish, giving up sex or, in extreme cases, looking for parallel relationships in secret with the consequent infidelity.

Psychological treatment of sexual problems in the partner

Sexual problems in the partner are often an expression of a bad or deteriorating relationship. It is true that, however, one member may independently develop a non-relationship problem, such as those arising from a disease or the side effects of some medical sex treatment in Delhi.

In general, sexual problems in the couple, from our experience as a sexologist in Delhi, need a treatment based on couples therapy being additionally necessary in some cases, a treatment with brief psychotherapy or sexual therapy with either or both members.

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