Sexual Impotence And Infertility: Is There A Relationship Between Them?

Sexology takes care of both fertility and male sexuality issues. Infertility is related to the difficulty (or impossibility) of having children. Already impotence occurs when there are problems of erection or libido. But do these two themes have anything to do with each other? Are patients with infertility more likely to have erectile dysfunction and vice versa?

Sexual impotence affects all ages, and in each of them, the reason is different. Patients up to 35 years of age usually do not have chronic diseases and their problem is usually related to psychological factors.

The older the patient, the greater the incidence of diseases such as diabetes and hypertension (main causes of sexual impotence). In addition, dietary factors (excessive consumption of foods with high cholesterol, sugar and triglycerides), bad lifestyle (smoking, alcoholism, obesity and drug use) and hormonal factors (low testosterone and thyroid disorders) complete the picture cause of sexual problems.

In addition to clinical problems, many surgeries also affect the male sexual part: surgeries of the prostate, penis and the entire pelvic region, in addition to spinal trauma. Treatment is based on lifestyle changes and control of chronic diseases.

Infertility affects at least 10% of couples worldwide. It is defined when the couple tries for more than 1 year to have children without success. Despite increasing with the couple’s age, there are numerous factors that contribute to its greater incidence: smoking, alcoholism, drugs, anabolics, oncological therapies such as radio and chemotherapy, pelvic and testicular surgeries, increased cholesterol, triglyceride, blood glucose and hormonal changes (low testosterone and thyroid disorders are the most common).

Did you notice how similar are the factors that cause infertility and sexual dysfunction? It is no coincidence that laboratory research, physical examination (and even the entire consultation) are practically identical for investigating the two themes.

They are different, anxious and different subjects, but they tend to affect the same patient. Do your check-up annually sexologist in Delhi and be forewarned. When prevention is not possible, at least it is possible to make an early diagnosis, which will determine a more efficient treatment.

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