6 ways to have better sex and more pleasure

When we think about having a good performance in bed and increasing our pleasure, it is common to think that this has to do solely with having a sculptural body, knowing how to make different movements or behave like the actors in adult films. In fact, the solution to this issue is in our emotional. Sexologist in Delhi, Dr. P K Gupta explains that sex is not just instinct. “It takes involvement and, no matter how much stimulus there is, if the head is not well, sexual intercourse can lose its meaning,” he says. So, see below some aspects that can bring you closer to the sex of dreams:

01. Self-confidence and self-esteem are paramount

Due to lack of self – esteem, many people end up not feeling desirable and this feeling can be one of the biggest saboteurs of self-confidence in sex. “If the person does not think that she is good enough, that she is not pretty, that she has no self-esteem, she may end up not allowing herself to feel pleasure.

02. Trusting your partner is also important

After believing and trusting yourself, you need to trust the other. According to best sexologist in Delhi, all of this is interconnected and can influence a better experience for two.

03. Know your own body

It is important to know where, how and when you like to be touched. “It helps a lot to know what gives you pleasure, which region is more stimulating, what you like the most, only then it is possible to guide the partner to have more pleasure”, he recalls. And all of this can be achieved with two or with masturbation.

04. Don’t skip the foreplay

Just stop doing that, okay? Foreplay will help you get in the mood and loosen up more. Marina also hints: “Kissing is one of the greatest foreplay that exists and many people underestimate it. Preliminary is also to provoke, to caress, to say things that will warm up the moment”.

05. Problems: OFF

If you want to indulge in this sex and really enjoy it, you need to turn off the area of ​​your brain that holds the dreaded problems. This is not easy, but otherwise “you may end up having sex mechanically and you will not be able to reach the climax”, points out the sex specialist in Delhi.

06. Focus on pleasure

There is a lot of pressure on orgasm, the peak of pleasure, which can end up blocking women even more. Therefore, many already start the relationship thinking that they need to reach it at all costs. If you are like that, write down Marina’s valuable advice: “Try changing the word, the thought. Instead of ‘I have’, change to ‘I want to, I will enjoy, I will be very happy’. we have power in the brain and we can direct it to what we want “, says the sexologist in Delhi.

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