erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi
erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi

10 ways to feel satisfied with your penis

Many men worry about penis size and forget to live life in a pleasant way. Worrying too much about size can be a problem known as Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) or dysmorphophobia, which affects a good portion of the world’s population and has become very common today. The TDC is a condition that is linked to excessive concern with minimal or no bodily defect, which causes the patient to have clinically significant discomfort and even social disintegration, professional, emotional, or in any other area. The person believes that his “defect” is the cause of all his unhappiness.

Here we give you 10 ways to stop worrying for nothing and start feeling satisfied with your penis size :

1. Make your home a paradise, your body a temple, your penis a peaceful and loving friend ;

2. Walk 50 minutes three times a week. Breathing and cerebral oxygenation help the whole body. You don’t have to be an athlete or a marathon runner;

3. Do Pilates twice a week, discover your pelvic muscles and feel the sphincter contract. It will help to have better control of ejaculation, greater perception of penetration, improved urinary continence (older people will understand). The flexible body will talk to areas that are asleep and practically hidden from you.

4. Practice meditation. It will bring an overflowing universe that is within you. Riches lost emotions. Do it at least once a week.

5. Be aware that there is no superman or any other superhero. Do not believe in the exploits of your “friends”, especially when the topic is penis size.

6. Seek help close to you, especially sexologists in Delhi. Have an idea of ​​the individual’s professional training.

7. Throw away what doesn’t work (internet pills, massagers, miracle ointments). Do not use erectogenic drugs without knowing your specific need (dose, frequency and how to treat undesirable effects). If you believe you need it, SEEK a sexologist in Delhi.

8. Know your penis with your eyes closed. Do good daily hygiene and self-examination of the penis. Know that one of the causes of penile cancer is the lack of local cleaning.

9. Get periodically screened for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). Syphilis is endemic again in the world, in addition to the HIV virus that continues to circulate.

10. Don’t forget that, after 35, it’s good to know how your prostate is doing. Especially if in the family there are cases of cancer up to the eighth generation before you.

You don’t need to know the entire Kama Sutra to be happy sexually. Have a partner who wants to be your lover and pray to God to give you wisdom.

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