4 Methods To Delay Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be the source of many anxieties in men and many problems within the couple. Is there a way to control it? Yes, and here we provide you with 4 methods to delay premature ejaculation and make the pleasure last.

Understanding premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a taboo sexual problem in men, although very common. It is characterized by an inability to retain its excitement, which causes a very rapid ejaculation shortening the sexual intercourse, and thus making it unfortunately quite unsatisfactory, from the point of view of both the woman and the man.

Men characterized as early ejaculators often have little confidence in themselves, and especially in their ability to satisfy a woman. The problem is therefore to be taken with tweezers when talking about them. It can be a lack of experience, too much stress, or a physical problem.

Despite everything, you should know that premature ejaculation is not inevitable, and that it is quite possible to find tips to defuse this erection problem.

Delay premature ejaculation by talking and trying again

Regulating premature ejaculation is done little by little. It is necessary to put your partner in confidence, without putting pressure on him for the desire to be satisfied, and above all by reassuring him. The woman must be able to speak about it without dramatizing the situation so that her partner feels supported.

Dialogue is essential, without which man could well amplify the importance you attach to it, and be blocked for the rest. You can go see a sexologist in Delhi to talk about it.

Making love more often, and especially several times in a row makes it possible in particular to prolong the sexual act and to obtain a more controlled ejaculation.

When your partner sees that it can last longer than he thought, it will probably help him gain more self-confidence.

Delay premature ejaculation with two little tips

Certain tricks can allow the man to learn to control a little better his ejaculation, and thus to prolong his pleasure and that of his partner. The “stop and go” technique, as it is called in America, consists of masturbating while stopping completely when you feel that ejaculation is very close.

This technique allows the man to know himself better, and over time, to use during the sexual act the sensations he has tamed.

Another tip, the “squeeze”. This involves squeezing the base of the penis, which is near the glans, very tightly with his index finger and thumb, so as to cause a physical reaction: a decrease in blood flow, capable of delaying ejaculation.

You can very well mix these four methods, or choose only your favorite: don’t forget that trying is the best way to get there!

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