Sexual Breakdowns: 2 Causes That We Often Ignore

Two patients sought advice from Dr. P K Gupta, sexologist in Delhi, for the problems of the sexual breakdown of their companions. The doctor answers them.

Certain medications and problems with being overweight can lead to a drop in testosterone and, consequently, erection problems.


“Indeed, certain drugs against high blood pressure have the adverse effect of causing erection problems. I advise him to speak to his doctor so that he can choose the least harmful treatment at this level. on the other hand, over the long term, hypertension damages the arteries, so it is important to treat it in order to prevent the narrowing of the sexual arteries (and all others, from the heart to the brain).

Three non-drug treatments can be effective for this type of pathology: weight loss (in case of overweight), physical exercise, and regular practice of cardiac coherence, a respiratory technique that calms the physical and mental. Men who take care of themselves in this way sometimes regain normal blood pressure without medication or can have a lighter treatment, therefore fewer adverse effects. Note that the drugs called “erection facilitators” of the Viagra family are often very effective in this context and that they are not contraindicated in high blood pressure.

Also, note that a study shows that 80% of men with erection problems have too low vitamin D levels. Supplementation can thus be offered in winter or early spring to improve what is called endothelial function. That is to say, the functioning of the internal wall of the small arteries, which plays a significant role in the erection. This would be all the more interesting since vitamin D also seems to help reduce the risk of high blood pressure! Talk to your doctor.”


“Yes, it can harm sexuality. Being overweight already causes a drop in the male hormone testosterone, which can be the cause of both decreased desire and erection quality. Obese men have on average two and a half times more erection problems than those with normal weight, so this is a perfectly true medical argument.

In addition, different studies show that improving one’s lifestyle also improves erections. We know that to motivate someone to change, whatever the field, we must help them find the stimulation that will give them sufficient energy. Especially since obesity in men can have other sexual consequences: limiting the possibilities of positions during intercourse, of course, but also sometimes reaching the desire of one’s partner. You can talk to him about these arguments! In the same spirit, note that sedentary men have about twice as often erection problems than sportsmen. This could encourage him to move more.

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