Libido Loss – How To Increase Libido

The desire for sex – the libido – often makes itself inconspicuous from the dust. By the way, not only in older people. More and more often, younger people wonder about the whereabouts of their libido. However, before you resort to side effects pills, you could help your libido with naturopathic measures on the jumps. We introduce you to 9 libido enemies who may be responsible for a dwindling libido. At the same time, you will learn how to naturally increase your libido again.

Libido loss – already in men in their late twenties

Since the turn of the millennium, sexologists in Delhi have observed that the desire to love – the libido – seems to decrease more than ever.

“More and more often men complain at the end of 20 that they have completely lost their interest in their sexuality,” a doctor once wrote.

In the women’s camp, it looks similar and correction is not in sight. The sex specialist in Delhi is at odds about the causes. Mostly psychosocial factors are named as an explanation. At the top is the stress used for every problem. But is that really enough as an explanation?

The libido holds many secrets

The loss of libido, the lessening of sexual desire, is one of those sexual dysfunctions (disorders) that have been researched so far on the edge. The focus of science is usually the potency disorders of the man and the limited orgasmic capacity of the woman. These two problems may or may not be linked to a decline in libido.

Nobody really knows how pleasure arises and how it works, because the interaction of psyche, hormones and other metabolic factors is extraordinarily complicated. What is certain is that it is the hormones that set the tone.

Enemy # 1 of your libido: pesticides and emollients

Endocrine disruptors include, for example, polychlorinated biphenyls, abbreviated to PCBs, contained in refrigerants and insulators. Many insecticides and herbicides have a similar effect to hormones, as do the plastic softeners, the phthalates, which have already become popular in the public eye.

Measures against environmental hormones

Therefore, three measures are extremely worthwhile in order to minimize the effects of the endocrine disruptors:

  • Prefer organic foods.
  • Drink only filtered water (eg from the EVA filter). Such purified water is free of pesticides and environmental toxins.
  • Since endocrine disruptors cannot be completely avoided due to their multitude and ubiquity, regular measures should be used for the elimination and detoxification, in order to strengthen the regulation abilities of the organism and to take the power hormones in the long term.

Enemy # 2 of your libido: Electrosmog

We are surrounded daily by numerous radiation sources and fields. Particularly effective in a negative sense is the mobile technology used for about 20 years. Here, higher and thus biologically relevant frequencies are used as well as extra pulses, which act like small strokes on the cells.

Both factors cause the electromagnetic tension in the body to increase beyond the healthy level. For example, people who spend long periods in large-city office space have up to 40 times more tension than normal.

Measures against electrosmog

As was the case with environmental pollutants, it is no longer possible to completely avoid electrosmog in our modern world. Nevertheless, there are countermeasures:

At least at night, switch off WLAN and telephone and make mobile calls only with external microphone and headphones. As further protection, you can switch off the fuses for the sleeping area at night.

Enemy # 3 of your libido: thyroid disorders

Perhaps this is one of the reasons for the significant increase in today’s widespread thyroid disorders such as over- and under-functions, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and Graves disease.

Another damaging factor for the thyroid gland seems to be the widely available fluorides, as these preferentially bind to the thyroid hormone T4 ( thyroxine) and thus render it inoperable. The result is thyroid hypofunction symptoms, although the thyroid actually makes enough hormones.

However, the most aggressive hormone killer is the mercury that enters the body from amalgam fillings and vaccines. It does not only accumulate in the thyroid but also migrates into the brain. There it influences the release of melatonin and somatropin and, via the inhibition of an enzyme (GTP), also the formation of the so-called tubulin envelope of the nerve cells. If this process continues, a libido loss is, of course, the smallest problem that one has.

Measures to protect the thyroid gland

In order to protect the thyroid from external influences, the iodine supply must be kept in mind.

Due to today’s common nationwide compulsory iodination of iodine salt in all finished products as well as iodine-containing cattle feed, which leads to iodine-rich dairy products, threatens hardly iodine deficiency, more an excess of iodine, which can often lead to chronic thyroid problems.

When buying finished products, make sure that you have not used any iodine salt and use natural salt in your own kitchen without artificial iodine additives.

No one has to participate in the widespread fluoridation of the population via fluoride-containing toothpaste, mouthwashes, and table salts. Choose fluoride-free dental care products and non-fluoridated salt. Tips on fluoride removal can also be found here.

The mercury discharge should be carried out wisely and, in the case of a heavier load, best in therapeutic accompaniment.

In addition, the thyroid is particularly pleased with a supplement with the vitamin B complex and with selenium, which is a real deficiency mineral.

Magnesium and zinc should also be available for the thyroid in sufficient quantities. Just like selenium, magnesium and zinc in the chelated form are preferable. Not only are they easier to absorb and utilize by the organism, but they are also much better tolerated.

Enemy # 4 of your libido: serotonin

Many endocrinologists are now of the opinion that the neuronal reward system with serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine has a much greater influence on the libido than the sex hormones.

In fact, observations show that even the inhibition of the neurotransmitter serotonin can directly and strongly increase libido. This is more or less in contrast to the common doctrine of serotonin, because a deficiency should, among other things, depressive, and depression and libido match well together.

This is why so-called serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are often prescribed in the treatment of depression – often with unsatisfactory effects. Instead of depression, it is not unusual for the SSRI to make you want to have sex.

This is not surprising, because serotonin is an antagonist of progesterone, which can be considered a key hormone for sexual desire. Many women with libido disorders, therefore, have the above-mentioned estrogen dominance, which is much too low a progesterone level in relation to the estrogen level.

Symptoms of estrogen dominance include premenstrual syndrome, menstrual disorders, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, sleep problems, and more.

Measures against serotonin excess

For all those who want to increase their libido, therefore, applies restraint in all drugs and measures that can increase the serotonin levels massively.

It should therefore also be taken with no tryptophan-containing preparations since the amino acid tryptophan is a building block for the serotonin.

At the same time, women with clear symptoms of estrogen dominance should try to regulate their hormonal balance in a natural way. This often works very well with natural progesterone preparations or with the wild yam root, which contains a precursor of progesterone.

Enemy # 5 of your libido: Hormonal contraceptives

The pill also leads to confusion in hormone balance and is one of the most common libido killers of our time.

It not only disturbs the balance of the sex hormones, but also the thyroid hormone balance. Therefore, after many years of taking a pill, it is not uncommon to have hypothyroidism. How and why the thyroid gland can lead to impaired libido, you already know.

Another important “libido value” is that of SHGB – a protein that binds to testosterone and thus nullifies its libido-enhancing effect.

Measures for the natural regulation of the hormonal system

Former pill users, in whom the contraceptive torpedoed the hormonal balance and thus the libido, first of all, need patience. It may take several months for the hormone balance to regain its balance.

As explained in the previous point, natural hormone preparations (eg Mexican Wild Yam or natural progesterone as a cream) can help very well.

Enemy # 6 of your libido: Being overweight lowers testosterone

Very closely linked to the hormone system is also the own body weight. Several studies showed that especially men with high levels of abdominal fat had up to 40 percent lower testosterone levels than normal-weight men.

The good news for the overweight who want to help restore their lost libido: Testosterone is indeed involved in the sex drive, but only indirectly. Directly it helps only if it was missing before. The killing field starts below about 15 nmol / L in the blood. So let’s test first!

Unlike in women, in which the libido often can be increased by low testosterone again.

Measures for more testosterone

If being overweight is the reason for a low testosterone level, then of course first the regulation of the bodyweight is on the program.

At the same time, it is known to offer physical exercise. However, this not only helps to reduce testosterone levels via the detour but also increases them directly after training. Muscle training should be more beneficial in this context than endurance training.

Enemy # 7 of your libido: sugar

By the way, the testosterone level is not only throttled by comfort and obesity, but also by sugar – at least in men.

So if you want to do something good for your libido, you should clearly limit your sugar consumption.

Enemy No. 8 of your libido: lack of light

The relationship between light and libido is illustrated by the term “spring fever.” The main reason for the increased desire in the spring is most likely the vitamin D3(calcitriol), which is increasingly formed in our skin with increasing sunshine duration.

Vitamin D3 is a typical deficiency vitamin in Central European climes, as it would require at least a quarter of an hour of sun on the naked skin every day to synthesize it in the body.

The winter sun is not suitable because of the low position of the sun, which is why almost all people in northern regions have a vitamin D deficit at the latest in January.

For quite a few people, this applies even the whole year, because they do not go out into the sun in summer or use sunscreen that prevents vitamin D formation.

Supplementing with vitamin D is, therefore, an excellent measure, at least during the winter months, to keep you in good mood – not just in bed.

Enemy # 9 of your libido: Psychic Conflicts

Of course, in terms of libido, the psyche also plays an important role. Psycho-tips are therefore usually part of every catalog of measures that should lead to a libido increase.

While psychic traumas and unresolved mental conflicts can undoubtedly block libido, their resolution should always be sought (of course, not just to increase libido). But do not forget that the psyche is again very much influenced by the hormones.

If the hormonal balance and metabolism are disturbed – and this is probably the case with the vast majority of libido disorders – you can do so many sessions with the psychologist, it will not bring much.

The grip on the Psychokiste can therefore only be a small contribution to the potpourri of all necessary libido-increasing measures; and when the “biochemical homework” listed above is done, it is often no longer necessary.

Boost your libido: I want it fast and easy

You already know a lot of ways to increase your libido naturally or how to prevent your libido from crashing.

However, the measures mentioned are often associated with not a little effort, so that one or the other might yet come up with the idea again rather take some dubious, ie side effect-rich drug to help the libido quickly and easily on the jumps.

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