Low Libido (Low Sex Desire): According to Dr P K Gupta, who is the best among Sex Specialist Doctor in Delhi, at a certain time, this problem is faced by many people, but hardly any of them want to discuss about it – particularly when it is associated with low libido. After all, virility plays a big role in our concept of manhood. There’s this idea you’re supposed to live up to: “Real men are always in the mood.”

But that’s not true. Lots of men have low sex drive, for a lot of reasons. And there are many ways to treat it.

The causes of sex centre dysfunction can be divided into two groups:
• Immediate Cause
• Remote Causes

Such a classification is helpful in the treatment of decreased libido. If the loss of desire is due to immediate causes, a removal of these factors results in adequate sexual desire. If the problem arise because of remote causes, then thorough sex therapy may be required for a permanent cure.

It can cause less sexual desire alone or patient may have associated erectile disorder, premature ejaculation, or lack of enjoyment of sex.

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