Erectile Dysfunction (Impotency):

Erectile dysfunction is better known as impotence. Erectile dysfunction is a problem that is not sexually transmitted and increases with age. It is believed to affect less than 5% of men in their forties and up to 60% of men who are over 70 years old. When erectile dysfunction occurs in young men, it often originates from an important psychological component. Erectile problems of a psychogenic nature may be more prevalent among young homosexual men who have a sexual identity disorder.

You may have ED if you

  • Can get an erection sometimes, though not every time
  • Can get an erection, yet it does not last long enough for sex
  • Are unable to get an erection at all

The image for the man’s “manliness” is the erect penis. It symbolizes manliness and is relied upon to be prepared to perform immediately. At the point when a man has erectile dysfunction, it comes as a stun for them, when all of a sudden the image of his manliness does not react on. It normally implies more to the man than the straightforward truth that he is not reacting sexually right then and there. It makes him question his status as a satisfactory male. In this way when he comes up short, winds up plainly panicky

How much is erectile dysfunction affecting your quality of life?

If you are suffering from some of these problems it means you need treatment.

  •  I feel frustrated because of my erection problem.
  •  My erection problem makes me feel depressed.
  •  I feel like less of man because of my erection problem.
  •  I have lost confidence in my sexual ability.
  •  I worry that I won’t be able to get or keep an erection.
  •  I feel that I have lost control over my erections.
  •  I worry about the future of my sex life.
  •  I have lost pleasure in sex because of my erection problem.
  •  I try to avoid having sex.
  •  I worry that I am not satisfying her because of my erection problem.

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